Monday, June 29, 2009

The Carnival

A few months ago - PRE cool new camera - I stopped by a shopping plaza as they were setting up for a the traveling carnival. I snuck around and shot a whole bunch of fun photos.

You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

I am just in love with all of the colored lights on the rides and backdrops. They are so unique in the way they look, but they also make me think of the Las Vegas Strip. I'm a sucker for a million lightbulbs!

The shapes and sizes of these are just incredible. When no one is around and you aren't busy trying to hold on to your tickets, stand in line for the rides or trying to get that hoop around one more of the bottles for the big prize, the backdrops are even more giant.

Doesn't this look very strange without any seats or anything? I am not quite sure what it's going to be.

The Merry Go Round was interesting. I think it was fairly new. All of the horses and the the poles and whatnot were still so very shiny and hardly worn at all.

More lightbulbs. I know, I'm obsessed.

Bumper Cars! The last time I did the whole bumper car thing I bashed into this one guy and he got really mad at me. Mad because I bumpered him. He didn't have a small child with him. He was bumping everyone all around him. I didn't knock him from behind. I think he was just mad that I managed to catch him.

He gave me the evil eye though every time we saw him again at the carnival. Some people take those things way too seriously.

The Pharaoh ride was not as gorgeous as it looked from the street. The face on this thing was really beat up. I'm not quite sure if maybe the truck hauling it rolled over a few times or what. I think the carnies slapped some paint on the face to hide the accident.

Just a quick snooze before things really get started.

Worlds Funest Skeeball. Yep, right there in faint letters. Funest.

OK, so it really says FINEST...but I originally thought it said funest and that's why I snapped the photo. LOL

More lights.
How many of you can see the words Wipeout and not hear the song?

I was actually looking forward to coming back to this carnival to take some pictures after all the rides were set up and when it was sort of dark out so the lights would shine. I came back the next day and the parking lot was completely empty. I guess they were taking everything down.

So...this is the carnival when it's in the process of being taken apart. It still was a lot of fun wandering through it when no one was there.

Have a great week!


Lesley Denford said...

Ooh, I love carnivals! I think they make such beautiful subjects for photography. Thanks for sharing! :)

Marie Reed said...

Lights, Camera, Action!!!! These is such fun! I can almost smell the cotton candy and popcorn! I am a roller coaster freak! I wish that Francois wasn't such a scared wiener:)

amateursadventuresinart said...

These are great pictures. You've inspired me to go out and see what I can find!

Mrs4444 said...

Lots of eye candy at the carnival, huh?!