Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wreck This Journal part 2

Last week I mentioned finding the book "Wreck this Journal" at Barnes and Noble. I have really been having fun playing in that book - especially now that I've broken open that box of crayons :) Last night I stumbled upon a group that had just started their own Wreck This Journal project - 75 people have posted about what they've done to their journals. I just couldn't pass up being a part of that group.

The host for the group is Jamie at The Next Chapter. I hope you go visit and see what other folks are doing to wreck their journals.

I missed being a part of week one - although I do have a first post of my journal wrecking - here.

Yesterday was the day everyone else posted about their wrecking for Week 2 - so I'm just a day late.

Here's what I've done so far. You can click on the photos to get a larger view.

This page said to trace the things in your purse or pockets.

I chose a nice selection of items from my purse. My camera is always in my purse...but I have two so I was able to take a picture of the camera with my camera :)

Here is my tracing of the items (with the lines overlapping, as instructed) and I added in the descriptions, too. The only item I had trouble tracing was the paperclip...a combination of fat fingers and a small thin paperclip.

Chew This page... I didn't want to chew it, but I knew if I got my cat interested at just the right moment she would go to town. Sure enough she started looking for pieces of paper to rub up against & chew. She found a receipt hanging off the edge of the coffeetable before I found the right page in my book. I offered her up the page and she gladly chewed and pulled at the paper. I'll try to temp her another day so it can be a bit more chewed up than this, but for now, this is great.

Burn this page - I asked Tom to help me with this one. I wanted to light the toothpicks on fire and poke them through the paper, but that didn't work too well.

The toothpicks disintegrated before I could get it through the paper. Tom managed to get one to go through, but we sort lost control of the fire. The hole got a little bigger than planned. That's OK, we were standing next to the sink.

Since I had just opened up my crayons, I decided to color on the page I had just started - the Burn Page.

Write One Word over and over again.

I looked around the house trying to think of what word I'd like to write. Maybe it would be something that I loved like my husband or my cat. Maybe it would be a food that I enjoyed eating. Maybe a TV show, or a flower or something refreshing.

Just when I thought I could never choose just one word out of the millions out there, I spotted it. My favorite bottle of window cleaner, Sparkle, was sitting on the coffeetable. It still needed to get put away after cleaning the glass on the table. Sparkle was a great word! So Sparkle it was.

This has been so fun! I hope you've enjoyed my wrecking.


Leah said...

Ha! Love the pics!! Especially loving your collaboration with Mocha. :-) Too cute and great idea! Maybe I can get one my cats to snack on my journal too. :-)

Hybrid J said...

Fantastic wrecking! What more could I say! Keep going ... :)

Lydia said...

Sparkle seems the totally appropriate word for you to write a gazillion times in your journal.
I'm really getting a kick out of the concept of journal wrecking; hadn't heard about this before.

Anonymous said...

Now I wish I had a cat. :)

Genie Sea said...

Wonderful wreckage! Love your word and the color you added on the pages. It's always great to get our furry friends involved! :)

Pink Heels said...

How ironic! I was just thinking the other day..."I need to buy a box of crayons as I work through the Wreck This Journal book." I can't remember the last time that I owned a box of crayons.

Rowena said...

very much fun.

I particularly love the creation on your fire destruction page.

I haven't used crayons in goodness knows how long. hmm more ideas.

Anonymous said...

Love this Kristin! I bet if I put tape on my "chew it up" page I could get my cats to go to town on it (they LOVE to eat tape). I had to laugh over your crayon post - I had that same EXACT box of crayons for over 15 years! I finally opened it about six months ago and starting using those poor, neglected crayons.

Tracey Kazimir-Cree/Sunshine Factory said...

oh WOW, now I'm less afraid to burn my own book. Great job on the "one word over and over" page!

Snap said...

Wonderful! I love your One Word page and congratulations on getting you cat to help. Welcome! Have fun! There's just nothing like a new box of crayons!

Kris said...

I never would have thought of getting my cat to chew the page, thats so clever! I love your One Word Over and Over page, reminds me of when I was in high school and used to doodle on any page that was near me. Glad you had fun with the burn page, the risk of collateral damage just ups the fun factor somehow!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...


Kim said...

There is nothing like a new box of crayons!! ANd I love the color you added to the burnt page.

I don't want to chew my page either. I don't have a problem with wrecking that way - it's just that chewing paper makes my teeth hurt (weird hmmm?). But, you've come up with the purrfect (hee hee) solution.

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks to everyone for coming by and commenting on my journal wrecking abilities :) It's been a pleasure having you all stop by.


Jamie Ridler said...

What fun! And what great adventure companions in your honey and Mocha! I loved seeing Mocha's chewed up pages and how you turned them into a colourful, beautiful page!

I was so glad you labelled the contents of your purse because I was so curious - Oh, what's that? What's that?

What fun to go on this adventure with you.

Sara said...

Such colorful wrecking. Love your word... sparkle. Something about it makes me smile.

Alex said...

Fun wrecking! We got our new puppy to chew on our page!!

Melita said...

love it, looks awesome!! can't wait to see more!

Victoria Brouhard said...

I love the way you traced the items in your purse.

And so fun that you involved your cat in the process, too! (With the added bonus that you don't have to chew the paper yourself - it feels so weird!)