Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Brother In Law

Just a quick update on my Brother in Law, Cap. He is finally awake and is doing pretty well. Tom has visited with him the past two days - yesterday he was at the hospital for about 7 hours. Cap was speaking a little bit, but they have a tube down his throat, so it isn't very comfortable for him to talk. He was unaware that he'd had the transplant, but Tom believes by the time he left last night that Cap was aware enough to remember that piece of information. He looked better yesterday than the day before, so that's real good. He's still in ICU, but that's where U of M takes care of transplant patients, so it's still OK that he's there. Tom won't be back to see him until Monday, but Cap will have several rounds of visitors today, so he won't be lonely.

Although the post transplant treatment is not what I'm used to, I'm confident that he will recover quickly. In a few weeks he will be just like all of the post transplant patients that I know and love, so I'll just have to wing it until then! My fingernails have gotten pretty short this week from all my nawing on them. I must stop that, he'll be fine.

Thanks again for your many prayers. I'll give an update again when Tom goes back to visit next week.

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country girl said...

I'm so glad he's awake and understands what happened. My thoughts are with you and your family.