Monday, June 22, 2009

Pool Girl

It's HOT in Florida this week. Even me, the hater of water, has been thinking about going to the condo pool.

I haven't gone, but I sure have thought about it.

The past two days have been 100º but we got a reprieve. It was only 97º.

This is one of the typical Florida things that I dislike most - the hot humid summer days.

The photo above is the sign for Florida Bonded Pools right here in Jacksonville. I took it today while I was out and about.

As I was looking through their site I noticed the Pool Designs page.

I guess it makes sense that there are names for these designs, but mostly I thought the pool styles were one of three...

1. Rectangle
2. Kidney shaped
3. What fits in the space provided.

Who knew you could have a Tradewinds pool or a Pagan pool!

I wonder if these are international pool design names or if it's specific to this company?

I think I'm going to get some dinner and put on my pajamas before I decide to do something really ridiculous like put on my suit, walk across the hot hot parking lot, find my pass card to open the gate, put my towel on one of the lounge chairs and lunge myself into a 98º pool.

Isn't there a good movie on tonight? Honey, will you hand me the remote?

Have a fabulous day!


jb said...

I would like to place an order for the Pagan pool...It might come in handy for baptisms or exorcist needs...I wanna go see the pool girl if I ever get back to town...almost as fab as a manatee mailbox! Or that shopping cart lady in Okemos...

Keetha Broyles said...

Taking jb's lead, I think I'll place my order for a Coral Reef pool - - - I mean, if I'm going to have a pool, wouldn't it be nice to have the whole reef action too????

Kirby3131 said...

You two! How funny.

Bob - The Pool girl sign is just a few miles from my house, so she's easy to go see. I laughed when I saw the pagan pool design.

Keetha, it would be fun to have a whole coral reef scene in a backyard pool. :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I just had to come by and say hello after you said (on Cake Wrecks) that your Mother opened up a coffeehouse in Lansing, MI called the Dancing Goat Coffeehouse.

Is it still around? Do you have a picture of it or anything? I would love to see this place called the Dancing Goat Coffeehouse.

And as for the pools? Put me down for the Maui.

Sharinskishe said...

I like the tradewinds. It might curb my longing to live back in Hawaii!

I would grab my suit and towel and head to the pool! Oh and a big coverup too and sometimes I feel like a paper sack over my head would do wonders. I don't look good in a bathing suit. I usually just close my eyes and tell myself that noone can see me if I can't see them. !!!!

Your Florida humidity is not any fun, in my humble opinion. Norway and Hawaii have humidity, but Florida's is the most difficult to deal with. Good luck my friend!!

Have a great week!

Terri said...

funny about the names. I would think I would like to feel like I'm in trinidad, maui or one of those exotic places while I'm swimming. Don't think they could promise that though.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm like you, like a cat; me and water--we don't get along. Desperate times call for desperate measures, though... :)

P.S. I called a local (expensive) camera shop. They will convert my 8mm videos and VHS tapes to DVD for $24.95 each. Yikes. At that rate, it will cost me about $225. I think I'll look into buying my own converter (when I'm rich.)

Lydia said...

Yuk, that hot humid weather sounds bad. Where our sky looks similar today to the sky you captured in the great shot, we are only at 86 degrees right now. The little kids across the street were hinting at me earlier to let them come play in our shaded yard, as their yard is stark and treeless. But if I start that now I'll have five little ones here with my two large dogs barking constantly from inside for the rest of the summer. No, I can't do that!

I like the Tradewinds design. But I'm not a pool person, either.

Lemonade and a good movie sound just right...

jennifer said...

I put on a swimsuit yesterday *shudder* and took my kids to the beach. Man oh man it was HOT. But they had fun and we managed to make it home with minimal pink skin. Thank goodness for sunscreen!

A pagan pool *snort*!

"J" said...

I like the Coral Reef or Cascade!!!! =) HA! I love the pool! I love the water but I'm soooooooooooooooooo NOT loving this heat!!!!

OMG - the weatehr station we have at our house said it was 112 this past weekend! That is NUTS!!!! We haven't had rain in a month!!!! Everything is so so so so so DRY!!!!! =(

When we drove to Ohio to pick up Lil Miss H - all my plants but 3 died - Shad's dad forgot to water them - UGHHHHHHHHH!!!! =(

This HEAT has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!