Thursday, June 25, 2009

Haley's Court Motel

Hello! It's that time again for the blogging mail service to come strolling through via Vintage Postcards - Postcard Friendship Friday. I set out this week to photograph something mail related that was interesting and I found it. I'm sure everyone participating in PFF found something interesting, too, so be sure and check out the other participants.

I went to the beach yesterday to take photos of the Vilano Beach community because I knew there were some old motels there...some of my favorite Florida sights. When I saw the Post Office I was thrilled! But then I noticed that it was both a post office and a real estate office. I don't think I've ever seen that - how funny!

The building where the post office is located is a vintage building, too. I love the minty green colors.

Directly across the street from the post office is the Haley Court Motel. Isn't that a great sign! I just realized that I may like that sign so much because I have those colors in my house. My bedroom is yellow, my bathroom and computer room are the seafoam green and my entryway and living room is red. Hmmm, very interesting!

This is the plaque at the base of that motel sign. If you need to enlarge the photo, just give it a click :) It looks like the sign was erected in the 40's or 50's. I wish there was a more specific date for the sign, but I guess they don't have one!

This is a postcard I found on eBay of the vintage motel. It's the same scene as on the plaque describing the sign.

I met Johnathon and Summer outside of the Haley Court Motel. They were riding their bikes and wondered what in the world I was up to. Johnathon was about 10 and Summer was 8. Summer told me that Vilano means colorful and friendly. I told her that she was very fortunate to live in such a place.

I think that a few people actually live in this motel. A few of the windows will full of knick knacks and the front patio full of plants. There was a front office and the kids said that the place fills up quite frequently. Summer said that she plays with the vacationing kids quite often.

These colors are just so much fun I can hardly get enough of it!

and the final shot of the Haley Court Motel was of the mailbox and street number. I think you can tell from all of the photos that this is a well maintained and well loved motel.

Thanks for coming along! Have a great day!


Postcardy said...

Liked your photos. I am planning to take some photos of mailboxes. Discovered this week there is a website that lists mailbox locations and lets you upload photos of them.

Mrs4444 said...

Pretty retro and cute. I wonder if the prices of the motel rooms are retro, too? heehee

Lydia said...

Well-maintained and well-loved indeed! What a charming place with the most deliciously cheerful coloring scheme. One of the best signs ever. I like the way you worked this into PFF, being across the street from that weird PO/realtor building!

Marie Reed said...

You have been a busy adventurous bee! This is GREAT! How hilarious to see a real estate agency: post office! That's a hoot:) Wowsers.. That sign is truly fabulous! The blue sky and palm trees make the photo even dreamier! I want to stay in that hotel now:) Happy PFF!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Kristin,
This is my first time to your place and it is so lovely! I'm here through PFF and it's so much fun playing with you all today.
I love this little motel, so much that I may put this on my retirement home list! ;)
I also love your 101 things to do in 1001's very inspiring to have it right in front of you. {I think I'm going to start my list's never to late right?}
everything vintage

Beth Niquette said...

Love the photos--the colors are just wacky!

Happy PFF!

Robin said...

And it's Triple A (AAA) rated too.
As for the post office /'s comforting to know that even if you don't find a house to your liking, you can still mail off the phone bill and pick up a book of stamps. ;-)

Have a beautiful weekend

Marina Miranda said...

wow your blog is so cool!great postcard and i loved all pictures!
happy PFF xx

Terry said...

Happy PFF to you .
That is so cool a post office and a Real Estate office sharing space.
Very unique .
I love those motel colors .
So retro
WOW :)
It made me happy just looking at the photos.
The pictures are all fantastic .
Thank you for the great background information.
I had a grand time .
Happy Trails

Sheila said...

I adore the colours of that! Even the flowers on the tree are matching. Beautiful.

jb said...

Where are the manatee mailboxes?!

Debby said...

I love your pics, they are fab, such wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing.

Vicky said...

nice photos!
have a wonderful week.

Chris Overstreet said...

Based on the title of your post I had expected something a bit more salacious. ;) But I'm definitely not disappointed; I'm always thrilled to find vintage postcards of the places I've been, or to visit the places on the postcards I have.

Margo said...

this is an awesome pff post. I absolutely love the card from ebay and the kitsch of the whole thing...the fifties style hotels, real estate/post office...Where else but here.

Margo said...

this is an awesome pff post. I absolutely love the card from ebay and the kitsch of the whole thing...the fifties style hotels, real estate/post office...Where else but here.