Friday, June 05, 2009

Paints and a brush

I needed to play with colors. Needed!

It was almost like I was being pulled by some force to get out my paints and paper. I am not an artist, that's for sure. I don't see the canvas, I don't have a feeling about the colors or how they are going to look when I finally get them on the paper. What I like it the act of swirling the colors with the brush and then doing it over and over again.

I didn't have any brushes in the house - not fine art paint brushes - but I did have a 1" trim brush that's part of my house painting supplies. That worked for me!

I couldn't remember if acrylic paints could be used with water, so I used the brush dry for the first round, but pretty soon I needed to get the paint off of the brush because the colors were getting too muddy, so I doused it in water. The next round was a wet paintbrush playing in the paint.

I don't own any paper plates, but I did happen to have some yogurt lids that I thought would work real well for my paint palette. It was a nice little set up. The kitchen counter, three yogurt lids, some paint and paper. I didn't think about anything going on in my life. I concentrated on filling the page with lines of color.

I may cut this up and turn it into a collage, or maybe write on the back of it and send it off to some unsuspecting friend! Oooh, that might be fun. They might think that I think this is a masterful piece and won't know how to mention it. LOL It would be a fun gag.

Or I may just frame up the tight close ups of the paint brush.

Well, whatever I do, I had a real nice time destressing and brushing colored lines onto paper.

Hope you have a great day!


Keetha Broyles said...

Do you do anything else with paint and a brush - - - anything besides stripes???

Hubby is really quite talented with a brush and a canvas. I was going to redirect you to a post I did on my OLD blog about his talent, but seems I deleted it somewhere along the line to make room for MORE posts BEFORE I learned I could BUY more blog space.

Sharinskishe said...

Cool! I love how you just went into a bubble and totally ignored the world. That must have felt awesome!!! I feel like pulling out some paints or craft and dabble away!!

I never see the canvas either! I love how you said that.

Thanks for this post Kristin, and reminding me to take time for me.


Kirby3131 said...

Keetha, I don't think I've painted in over a year, so I'm not quite sure what I do LOL I've made the typical trees with a house and a big spot of sun in the sky. My talent is really limited when given a paintbrush :)

Have you seen the camera commercial about freeing up space where the guy who's the fisherman says "she won't delete me, I got deleted last time."? That's what immediately came to mind when you said that about your husbands painting.

Sharinskishe, ahhh yes, take time for yourself. That is a good thing. I actually brought out the paints I think because I was home alone! I didn't have to worry about anyone interrupting me. It might be an even stress releaser if I'd do it when someone was home and I needed an escape :)