Sunday, December 05, 2010

Real v Artificial

I wrote a paper in college about real Christmas trees verses artificial trees.  I'm allergic to real trees, so when the more realistic artificial trees started surfacing I was on board.  When this assignment came up, I thought that might make a good argument.  I got a an A or a B on the paper, I'm not sure right now, but I do remember the professor having a long talk with me after class.  He was a "real" guy and couldn't imagine that anyone would ever buy an artificial tree.   I recall telling him that if I could buy stock in artificial trees I'd be a millionaire in a short time.  I told him that it was the wave of the future.

I do believe I was right.

I never did buy stock in artificial trees and I'm not a millionaire, but I do own an artificial tree. (shown above)  This is my tiny table top condo version.  

So what do you have?  Real? Artificial? One of each? 

Have a great week!


Sarah said...

We have a artificial tree, always have. I just think a real tree sounds like too much work to keep it alive, then dispose of it, etc etc. Plus, I think the artificial ones look just as good!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your tree is very pretty. Because of the amount of ornaments I have I use an artificial tree. It takes a long time to decorate so I will leave it up until mid-January. I use to get all itchy when I had a real tree. I do sometimes buy a wreath or branches to bring some scent into the house. Boy to I remember those needles in the carpet after Christmas, don't miss that!

Rachael said...

We have a real tree this year and I prefer it. We have an artificial tree in our garage, but it's low quality and not that big. We bought it when we lived in an apartment with our cats and didn't want to risk the mess that might occur if they decided to rip up the tree there. I think artificial ones are more environmentally friendly, but I love the look and smell and experience of a real tree.

solo-dancer said...

A Real Tree, plus 2 very tiny artificial ones (one outside on the front porch and one for the grandkids to decorate with wooden, bristle and oddly, cloisonne!)We went to the farm a couple of evenings ago to cut our own tree, a Fraiser Fir again this year (wonderful soft needles). I pruned it yesterday and if the new LED lights arrive today the decorating will begin soon! I also use tinsel, but an thinking, maybe just maybe with the change this year to energy conscious lights and a change in the look of the tree I might buy some sparkly tree additions and fore-go the tinsel. We'll see.

P.S. Kres, get ready for a stuffy nose, sigh :o(....lovemom

Alison said...

As you know, I think real trees are the best...but if someone is allergic then it is great to have a realistic option. They look much better now then 20 years ago, that's for sure.

mub said...

When I was a kid we'd always go out the day after Thanksgiving and cut our own.... sadly now we just have an artificial tree, but I think it's way better than no tree at all!

Ann in the UP said...

We have never had an artificial tree, and I think it's because GG loves to go and haggle with the tree lot owner.

I don't want to store anything that size but otherwise have nothing against artificial trees as long as something in the house smells like a real tree.