Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wild Goose Inn

It was a lot of fun to stay just a stones throw from my family and yet feel like I was truly on vacation.  My Mom gave us the gift of the B&B stay and I have to say that it was great! 

The Innkeeper, Al, had his hands full with Tom and I in the house, that's for sure.  My husband loves to talk to new people.  Several times I had to go downstairs to the livingroom and ask him to come to bed.  I just knew he was talking their ears off.

One evening, Al asked Tom to join him and another friend to the bar across the parking lot.  It was then that I knew that they enjoyed yucking it up with Tom as much as he enjoyed yucking!

The house is just beautiful all the time, but it's exceptional with the garland and lights.

Right out front is this bush that has been pruned and painted for the Christmas season.  I love it!  It's just so darned clever that I can hardly stand it.  I told Al that I loved it and he showed me his spray paint overspray dress shoes.  He said it was a bit windier than he had anticipated when did this project.  Oh, I've been there before.   This project was worth it though.   

The breakfast tables are set with a few items each morning.  The pottery vases with the Wild Goose logo are great.  The coffee mugs are made with the same pottery and the same color. 

The breakfast room is actually two rooms.  The rooms are not slanted, just the photographer :)  Tom and I sat in the far left hand corner, in the front room for each breakfast.  Funny how you pick a spot and then keep going back to it. 

Breakfast was coffee, juice, water, fruit cup, muffin, eggs any style, omelet or French toast.  I had French toast one day, eggs over easy another and an omelet another.  Tom had an omelet each day.  Not a bad dish in the house - we loved it. 

This morning in my own house, I was terribly bummed that I didn't have breakfast being made for me, so my husband offered to make it for me.  Thanks Tom!

The livingroom.  This was the source of lots of laughs and treats and chatting.  Since it was the holidays the Innkeeper had family stop by, then friends of his dropped in,  other guests sat in the livingroom and chatted and there was even a wedding there on Sunday.  This is one busy place.

You can go to the Wild Goose Inn site and get a virtual tour of the living room.  I never thought about getting photos of the living room in the daytime when the light was better.  My evening photos just didn't turn out - so the virtual tour is a great!

The stairway to the second floor has a really nice surprise.  If you look up, you can see this delightful mural in the cupola.   The second floor is where our room, the Summer Safari was located, but also Winter Eden resides up there as well.  The Summer Safari Room Virtual Tour shows the room where we stayed. What you can't see is that the bathroom had three skylights. Two in the double sink area and one right inside the shower. Even in cloudy Michigan the skylights let in a ton of light.

...and if you walk outside at night, you can clearly see the mural because of the windows all around and the light inside.  It's really wonderful and what a clever idea!

I give this wonderful Bed and Breakfast in the heart of East Lansing, MI two very enthusiastic thumbs up. If you ever find yourself in the area, please consider staying a night or two or three. Tell Al that The Goat sent ya :)

Wild Goose Inn
512 Albert Street
East Lansing, MI 48823
Call for Reservations
(517) 333-3334
Friend them on Facebook - Wild Goose Inn


Keetha Broyles said...

All this is lovely and beautiful and fun - - - but are you leaving me in suspense about WHICH ROOM you had on purpose????

You are a Christmas Goose!

jennifer said...

It is so picturesque! I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay.

Ann in the UP said...

Beautiful. I love B&Bs. The hospitality, the delicious breakfasts------sigh.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's perfect. The Inn is so charming and your room was beautiful. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time and that your mother treated you.

42N said...

The mural in the cupola reminds me of the old saying "as above, so below."

Mrs4444 said...

What a beautiful home--I would definitely stay there!

The bedroom you slept in is gorgeous! I really love that bedspread--It would match my bedroom perfectly :)