Friday, December 03, 2010

Wise words from Santa

One year the plain brown box that held these ornaments was magically decorated with this beautiful tissue paper.

The neatest thing is that it was wrapped Soap Opera style.  That means that instead of ripping off the paper to reveal the contents, the box lid and box bottom have been wrapped separately so the lid can just be removed without damaging the paper.   This type of gift wrapping is common in TV shows (and soap operas) so they can do the scene over and over again without having to rewrap the box. 

Inside the box with the two ornaments was a note from Santa.

Dec '94 Housewarming

These two ornaments have spent 19 years in that box.

If ever you quarrel - look at the box & the ornaments ... and resolve.

Love Always,

This housewarming gift was given to Alison* and I.  She was given the yellow ornament and I was given the purple.   I guess I was got possession of these when we moved into separate places a few years later.  I'll have to ask her if she'd like to take care of them for a few years.

These ornaments have always been my favorites.  We had two or three of each color, but I do believe that these are the sole survivors.  They are so fragile that they aren't allowed to be on the tree anymore.  Several years ago I picked one up and it literally disintegrated in my hands.

These ornaments will probably remain in that box for a very long time.  However, they've now made it 26 years -  I guess they've already passed their silver anniversary!

It's always so much fun to go through the ornaments. 

Have a great weekend!

*Alison is my sister and we had just moved into an apartment together.  I was 28 and she was 21.  We ended up living together for two years.  It was a very very good two years. 


Doreen McGettigan said...

They are gorgeous..I have a thing for purple and keep threatening to do an entire purple tree..
Thanks for your thoughts for my Dad!

Ann in the UP said...

That's very sweet. I didn't realize Santa was such a philosopher, I guess. It is good to have some beautiful old things that are too dear to use, and need some fragile care. And it's great to have an excuse to visit them each year. I love to write my cards because of the number of people I'd just hate to lose track of. I never keep in touch with them otherwise....

jb said...

Housewarming for Washington Square?!

solo-dancer said...

Christmas allows me to cry...a lot! Love Santa

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are beautiful. I love how you said Soap Opera box. I always notice that when I watch All My Children! Love the note from Santa. What a special treasure you have.