Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking the weekend off

I'm going to take the weekend off.  Sort of...

Friday night I had the slumber party where I did a little bit of live blogging.

Saturday I spent all evening in St. Augustine with my husband and we saw a boat parade among other things.

Sunday I'm going to the Festival of Trees and I hope to be able to take photos of the trees.

I've got a lot to talk about, but haven't been able to edit all of the photos.

That means I'm behind, so I'm just going to catch up and come back on Monday with some good stuff!

Have a great day!


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Once again I am jealous of your time in St Augustine. We haven't been since right after I met up with you!
Sounds like a great weekend.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Have fun. I bet the trees will be so beautiful. It's been years since I've been to watch the decorated boats. I can't wait to see your pictures.