Monday, July 26, 2010

A Day at the Beach

I spent an hour at the beach the other day. 

I was in long black pants and tennis shoes. 

I wasn't planning on staying.

I had just gotten my hair cut, so at least that part of me was totally stylin'.

What I was really hoping for was the get some great shots of beach umbrellas. 

That was my goal. 

Things have a way of going in a completely different direction when I'm going out to shoot a specific thing. 

The SS Gulfamerica
This marker commemorates the attack on the SS Gulfamerica on April 10, 1942 during WWII by a German U-boat just off the coast of Jacksonville Beach. 
It's an interesting historical marker.  If you'd like to read it, you can click to enlarge it.  I didn't know that there is a sunken WWII ship just a few miles off the coast.  I learned something :)

I really liked what was in the bicycle rack.  It had these two bikes that were just a hoot.  This reddish pinky yellow bike was just an odd color.   I liked it, but it was truly odd.  The flower piece that held the chain (you can see real bicycle expertise coming out can't ya!) was two toned.  It made it look even more flower-like.

This bright yellowy green bike was so funny and it was in the same bicycle rack as the red one.  The little outfits on the chimps says "Laugh now but some day we'll be in charge."

ha! ha!

I finally ventured over the walkway and got myself to the beach. Nearly every time I've gone to the beach here in Jacksonville I've been miles away from the pier, but this time I made sure that I got close.  It's a nice looking pier.

I hear that there's some pretty decent fishing from there, too.  I may never find out about that though :)

Here's my umbrella shot. 


This was a fun shot because I was in the car, in a parking spot, and I was on the phone with someone but I wanted a photo of the long haired surfing guy.  I finally got my camera out, the window down, the phone cradled between my ear and my shoulder and as I was pushing the shutter button this guy goes by on his skateboard carrying his surf board!  You can't tell, but that guy was cruising. 

This was the unexpected shot of the day. 

So this is what happened to my umbrella plans.  I didn't get a really cool umbrella shot, but as I was heading to the car I saw this.  I laughed.  Yep.  Sometimes the umbrella plans just fall apart :)

Hope you have an enjoyable week!


Mrs4444 said...

This is awesome, Kristin. The first shot is my absolute favorite, but the rest, too--So refreshing and beautiful! :)

Ann said...

Hey, (as we say in the Midwest), you don't have so many umbrella shots, but you sure captured the beach scene!

I think I can hear surf! And I love the rollerskating surf dude.

Just Breathe said...

Funny how the umbrellas were in the trash when taking pictures of them was your goal. Love the yellow bike. Actually I was looking at bikes in Florida with my dad and they make some nice retro cruisers now. Something about Florida beaches, they are just different then California beaches.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I see umbrellas in the FIRST picture, which is, btw, far and away my fave of this photo shoot.

I LOVE how fun you make these little outings for the rest of us!

Hey - - - back in "the day" Fisherhubby was a long haired surfer. Check out his facebook avatar. (Greg F. Broyles in case you forgot his name.)