Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Label Snob

I'd say for the most part that I'm a name brand kind of gal.

No, I don't mean Gucci and BMW.

I mean Del Monte, Ziploc and Mr. Clean.

I just find that the name brand items are softer, tastier, thicker or whatever else they product needs to do, it does.

Usually the way I find out if a store brand or an off brand is comparable is if one is really on sale, like a two or three dollar off the name brand type of sale.  Then I might try it.

Another way I end up trying the other brand is if the grocery store is out of the product I need in the brand I want.  One day the grocery store was out of the parchment paper that I normally buy (which was the store brand) so I opted for the eco brand.  I've had that roll of parchment around for over a year now and finally just wadded it up and used it as packing filler for something I mailed out.  I hated it.  It wouldn't tear properly, it was so thin that whatever was placed on top leaked through and when we did a fish in a parchment bag technique it actually burst open in the oven.  Sad state of affairs, let me tell you.  I gave that parchment paper a lot of tries before I banished it to the back of the cupboard.

When I tell people about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers I always stress to buy the name brand first to how the magical product is supposed to work.  If you must try an off brand for the next purchase you'll have something to compare it to -- and so far I haven't heard of a good replacement for this name brand.  I've only tried one other brand and won't stray from Mr. Clean's MEs again. Pinky swear.

Don't even get me started on aluminum foil.  I've tried a few dozen off brands and nothing compares to Reynolds Wrap.  I use it so sparingly that I only go through a roll a year, if that, but I don't plan on changing from that product ever again.

I do like store brand walnuts, frozen baby peas, frozen chopped spinach, and other assorted frozen veggies.  Canned mushrooms and some canned fruits are also on the OK-to-buy-the-store-brand list. Kleenex is not.  I only buy Kleenex brand.  Not the aloe, not the extra soft, just the regular Kleenex.

Hmm, maybe I'm just incredibly picky!

I do know what I like, that's for sure.

In the 80's there was the Generic Brand.  Do  you remember that?  I looked all over for a photo of the generic brand but the only photo I found was of Generic Beer. The one I am familiar with had just a white label with black wording.  No photos no frills.  I remember my mom used to buy the canned peaches.  They were really good.  My mom also used to buy the bags of puffed rice and the Cheerio's generic.  Wow, puffed rice.  I haven't thought of that in years.  I really liked those.  :)

It's interesting that the name brands that I buy are for cleaning and packaging products and the generics or store brands that I do use are food. 

I don't know why I thought of this little rant and rave, but it came from deep inside and I had to get it out.

I'm a label snob.

I freely admit it.

Are you?

Have a great day!

**The Heinz Vinegar bottle is one of my contradictions - I bought the little bottle because I liked the label and the glass bottle and keep this in my kitchen.  I however fill the bottle from a large gallon jug of cheap vinegar and keep that jug in the laundry room.


Condo Blues said...

Where did those black and white generic labels go? They would have cleaned up during Lost Viewing parties, it's one step away from Dharma Food.

I loved generic Fritos. It drove a relative nuts because he worked for Frito Lay.

Ruth Ann said...

What's with your negativity?! lol First "Nights in Rodanthe" and now "Heinz" products. That's a Pittsburgh product! But you have to admit, Heinz ketchup is the best! :) You really do have to visit us here! They have a huge ketchup bottle neon sign that looks like it's pouring ketchup! It's just begging for you to photograph it! :)

qandlequeen said...

There's something homey about puffed rice. hmmm

Wanna talk about black and white generic? My first beer was plain label beer from a friends brother and it was WARM. Absolutely awful.

But you're right. Some things MUST be brand name. Lots of things don't matter especially if they're a component of a larger recipe. Just don't screw with my Jif.

Ann in the UP said...

You had me at "Not BMW and Gucci, but Mr. Clean."

Generic foods were pretty good because I think they were packaged by good companies. Just a guess.

I'm partial to Heinz products, and to Mean Green, except when I get greeny and use Trader Joe's cleaner. Actually I try lots of stuff from the $ stores just for research purposes. Flylady says soap is soap, and that seems to be true.

You're right about Big Name scrubbies, though. Well worth the money for what they do.

Ruth Ann is right. Visit Pittsburgh sometime. It's a wonderful city!

Just Breathe said...

Really? You really don't buy Heinz Vinegar? I am a label snob too but I do try other items from time to time. Sometimes they past the test!

Rachael said...

I have found that Reynolds Wrap and Saran Wrap and Ziploc? You get what you pay for with those products, and I always buy name brand.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

There are several products that I am a 'label snob' with. I've tried to cut back on some of it to save money, but there are just some things that are worth the extra money!

Mrs4444 said...

My husband sells machinery to food companies, and he assures me that the store brands are the SAME products, just with different labels. I'm willing to experiment, especially these days, and I've been very happy with a lot of my choices recently. That said, I agree with you that there are just NO substitutions for certain products (like those you listed.)