Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't get caught in the rain

Favorite Things

Mrs. 4444's Favorite Things Series is wrapping up today with the Lawn-Garden-Garage Edition.  I immediately thought that I wouldn't have a thing to talk about since I haven't had a yard or a garden in quite a  few years.  I had a yard when I lived in Daytona Beach, but I had a lawn service, so it was like I had a view and not a yard :)


Today as I was driving home from my outing I realized that I do have a WONDERFUL product to showcase for the Garage Edition.

I have been known to have a panic attack while driving in a rainstorm.

A serious panic attack.

Hyperventilating, sweating, crying...a danger to society.

I used to put Rain-X on my windshield to help bead the water up and make rainstorms less scary for me.  The problem is that it's a real chore to put that on your windshield and I'd have to bring a ladder out to the car so I could get the whole windshield.  So, needless to say,  I didn't get this accomplished often and when a strong rainstorm would catch me during an off week, I might not have the product on my windshield.

My entire life changed the day that Rain-X came out with a windshield washer fluid that puts the power of Rain-X on the windshield effortlessly.  You pour it into the washer reservoir in your car and use it as you would any other washer fluid.

Now that I live in Florida we have some mighty heavy rainstorms nearly every day in the summertime.  Today's storm was a doozy!  There were dozens of cars parked alongside the expressway to wait out the storm and cars driving with their wipers on the highest setting still barely creeping along.  Me on the other hand, I had my wipers on normal speed and I was traveling at a safe speed (I think I was driving 40 MPH during the storm on the expressway) and was able to see through my windshield nearly effortlessly.

No more panic attacks.

I love love love this product.  I keep a jug of it on hand at all times and I only fill my washer fluid reservoir in my car with this product.  (Psst, it also comes in a de-icer for all of you Northern folks that go through winter.)  I make sure that my oil change guys don't fill the washer fluid because I don't want my Rain-X diluted - either that or I fill it up to top so they can't top it off :) 

 Have a wonderful day and enjoy the other folks who have joined up with the Favorite Things Lawn-Garden-Garage edition.

Have a Wonderful Week!!


Beth Zimmerman said...

I heard another hint with regard to driving in heavy downpours ... though I have yet to try it. The story goes that if you put on sunglasses you can see through the downpour ... even on those days when you can't see past the hood of your car! Just thought I'd pass the tip on.

Faded Highways said...

Great post Kristin. And thanks for telling us about that product. I haven't heard about it. In fact, I got caught out in a rain storm just today. Boy it sure did make it a lot hotter. I can imagine what you go through in FL. You poor thing.

Ann in the UP said...

Woo-hoo! RainX that will apply itself to my windshield!

What could be a finer product. I hate driving in the rain too, but I'm off to the auto supply store, or hardware store, or wherever that product is to be found!

Thanks once again, little buddy!

Condo Blues said...

When I was caught in my first Florida thunderstorm I could not believe how fast and heavy the rain pounds down! 15 minutes later the storm was gone.

Ocean Girl said...

I just changed my windshield wipers and wondered how could I have survived with the old ones in thunderstorms. I have used RainX before. I think I'll look for it.

Mrs4444 said...

This is fantastic! Mr.4444 drives a lot for his job, so I'm positive that he would really appreciate this!! I'm going to get him some. Thanks!

Just Breathe said...

That's good to know, thanks. I can't believe the amount of rain that comes down in Florida. Actually because I have been driving my dads big car I haven't been putting it in his tiny garage and he couldn't believe how the rain washed it. Crystal clear/clean car!

Anonymous said...

I use it too .. I drove thru rain for about an hour and never turned on my windshield wipers. Just a normal rain - not torrential.