Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Independence Day Weekend at RAM

The holiday weekend was just wonderful here in Jacksonville.  There was a little rain shower at some point over the weekend, but I honestly can't remember when it was, but it was short and sweet.  All of the firework displays went off without a hitch that I'm aware and I even got a chance to attend the Riverside Arts Market (RAM) on Saturday. 

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy going to this market?  I know, I'm a broken record.

The balloon man was in a great Red, White and Blue costume.   He's there every week from what I've seen.  He's one of the nicest people and the kids love him. 

There were five hours of free concerts on the RAM stage this week. (I think there are always five hours of entertainment, but for a holiday weekend it sounded even more exciting than usual!)  I was fortunate to be there when the U.S. Navy Band Southeast was on stage.  They were excellent.  I sat for quite awhile to listen and enjoy.

I have never seen this many people sitting watching the entertainment.  Maybe it means that RAM is becoming wildly popular and that more and more people are coming each week to eat the incredible food, listen to the excellent music and shop the diverse market of arts, produce and plants. 

I've seen this wood burning oven at RAM before but have never investigated what they're cooking.  I don't know why either, because it smelled wonderful.  I found out that they are cooking pizzas.  They looked so good and the line was quite deep to get one, so I'll have to come back some other week to try it out. 

Next weekend I may be bringing some friends, so maybe I'll try the pizza next week.

This was my laugh of the day.

Do you see it?

Meat on a Stick.


Why not describe the meat being used?   Why make us guess?

Maybe an additional sign at the bottom that says "This Week - Chicken!"

...because seriously, I start thinking about all types of mystery meat when "Meat on a Stick" is mentioned.

Too funny.

Someone else is going to have to be brave and find out what the meat is because I'm having pizza or the crab cakes that I normally have when I'm at RAM.

I certainly hope that your weekend was a delight - mine sure was!


Here are the upcoming events at RAM

July 10 - Jacksonville.com Day featuring RadioJax
July 24 - National Day of the Cowboy
July 31 - Ice Cream Social and Dance Party
August 7 - National Clown Day
August 14 - Scion Breakdance Competition
August 28 - National Dog Day
September 4 - Kenny & Stacy's Wedding on the River Stage
October 9 - Saxophone Day
October 16 - Celebrity Chefs Cooking Competition
October 21 - Reptile Awareness Day
October 30 - Halloween Party - National Day of Magic - Pumpkin Chunkin Tournament
September 4 - Labor Day Weekend
September 11 - Patriot Day
November 13 - Strutt Your Mutt
November 27 - Black Saturday
December 18 - Luminaria and Closing Day


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Grandpa Uncle Sam is CRACKING me up!!! That is SOME outfit he's wearing!

Just Breathe said...

That sure looks like fun. We never venture out like that, my husband is a poop so I should start going alone.

Anonymous said...

haha, I love that costume and Keetha description - I especially like the red converse tennis shoes. I love all your posts about RAM so keep them coming.