Wednesday, July 21, 2010

POTD - It's a pot

POTD - It's a pot

A neglected plant in a beautiful blue and yellow pottery planter.  I think that the restaurant that probably owns this pot just throws water at it every so often when they are mopping their patio.  This pot was outside the restaurant on the other side of the gate, so it truly was neglected.  I almost wanted to get a few containers of flowers to plant in the pot, but then decided that the scrubby bits that were left were probably the best it was going to look.  When I realized that, I was fine with the way things were. 

Have I ever mentioned my love of pottery?  Did you notice that this one has a cut out at the top.  Totally cool!  swoon.



Lydia said...

Great shot, Kristin! I love pottery too, and this pot is a beaut. I think you should ask the manager of the restaurant if he/she would sell it to you.... worth the try anyway. :)

Ann in the UP said...

I can just see you, committing a Random Act of Guerilla Art, and planting their planter full of something that thrives on benign neglect.

I like pottery too. Especially old fading stuff. Good shot.