Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pat on the back

I've been reading the book 29 Gifts by Cami Walker and the idea of giving gifts every day for 29 days is an intriguing one.  The gifts don't need to be monetary, they just need to be of value to the recipient.  I've been wondering if this is something I want to do, or just something I want to think about.

I tend to think about a lot of things and not act upon them, so I decided to at least start listing the gifts that I have given lately and work my way into actually doing the 29 days in a row.  (Listing and Thinking --- hmmm, is someone afraid of commitment??)

I do have a gift to give --This specific gift is one of gratitude. I have been featured in several Etsy Treasury collections the past few months.  I'm just so honored to have been chosen for these that I wanted to do something nice for them. It's a pat on the back for me as well, so it might be seen as only half of a gift, but a girl has to start somewhere!

Two Etsy sellers featured my chair, that I call Chair on the Edge.  Both of these collections are just lovely.  Take a look if you haven't already.

Fine Embroidery featured the chair in her treasury called - Beautiful Summer Day.

Monarchdancer gathered the most beautiful items in blue that she calls - Blue Moon.

There is an interesting story about this chair.  I went back to the neighborhood where I took the photo in order to find the people who placed the chair in this location.  I knocked on a few doors and finally found the right family.  I met the eldest member of the house, Miss Lillian who will turn 99 years old in November.  She lives with her son, who showed me the two chairs that he has tucked safely under the carport of his home.  A neighbor had put them out for the trash a few years back, but he decided to rescue them and painted them top to bottom a brilliant white.  He explained that the first chair that he placed on the seawall was tossed into the river and it bounced around in the water for two years before it was finally fished out.  By this time it was covered in barnacles, so he just took the chair straight to the curb for the trash.  Someone else, however, thought the chair was a true treasure and asked if he could take it home.

The chair that is currently on the seawall is chained up so that if it does go over the wall, it can be easily fished out.  The man also explained to me that he placed the duct tape over the wooden seat so that the rain water could easily be wiped off if one wanted to have a seat.  It would also protect the wood from rotting.

I went back this past week to give this dear family a framed photo of the chair on the seawall.  I was so very grateful for the subject matter and so enjoyed meeting them, that I really wanted to give them a copy.  Miss Lillian was truly delighted.  I'm so happy that I decided to do that.  I think it made my day more than theirs. 

Beach Fence - by Kristin Corlett

This is one of the first photos that I took with my new to me camera.  That camera is now a year old - amazing that it's been a whole year now.  Anyway, the two Etsy sellers below featured the beach fence in their collections. 

 CeeJay's Photography and Things pulled together things she considers to be - The only thing better than chocolate. What a hoot.

 Expressions123 found some soft summery items in her treasury called - Pretty and Pastel.

I know that I have for sure mentioned this treasury before, but since I was featuring the treasuries all in one post, I wanted to include it again. 

3squares gathered the most gorgeous orange and blue items in what she calls - Orange Sky.

What truly started this whole post was this... The photographer over at PhotoGrunt has a little game he plays to find interesting photos according to a random search word.  Today's word was "tree" and one of the trees he chose was my Jax Palm Tree photo.

This photo was the very first picture that I put in my Etsy Shop.  It was truly the beginning.

If you'd like to see the whole selection of trees that he featured, hope on over here, PhotoGrunt, to see them. He chose 20 photos and I really like the selection. What a fun idea for getting inspiration.  I may have to do something similar sometime.

These stacked rocks are another one of my neighborhood finds that I decided to make into cards. Last week I bundled up a stack and went by the house where I found the outdoor display. I knocked a few times and just as I was starting to wonder where to put the cards in case it rained, the door opened. I explained why I was there and the woman smiled and said Thank You. I explained just a moment more about the cards and so she untied the ribbon and understood what I was trying to unsuccessfully explain. She gushed over the photos, said thank you again and I was on my way.

Thanks to everyone who has used my photos in their collections and thanks to those wonderful families in Jacksonville that have put some cool stuff out in their yards for me to photograph!

Have a wonderful week!


Ann in the UP said...

Your pictures are always terrific, but I want to comment on the 29 day of giving idea.

When you go back and evaluate these things you have already done, I think you will find you are doing it already, without even concentrating on it.

I had to laugh because I was going to post about "charity" today, too.

Great pictures! And a nice pat on the back to the others.

Just Breathe said...

As you know I love your photos and having them shown off at other sites is excellent exposure for you.