Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Fragments

Happy Friday! It's time for some Friday Fragments.

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 of Half Past Kissing Time for getting so many incredible bloggers together for some fun and interesting fragments.  It's one of my favorite blogging days of the week!  I love Fraggin' on Fridays.

I want to THANK Mrs. 4444 for the Favorite Friday Fragment award.  Thank you!  I have to say that I used several of my bookmarked pieces in today's post.  It worked really really well for me.  I'll have you go to Mrs. 4444's place to see what I'm talking about and to see who else got a Favorite Fragment award - there were several of us this week. 


My friend Terri from This is How We Roll had a giveaway quite some time ago and I won!  I entered because the prize was this lovely skillet from CSA and my rental condos really could use some new cookware.  My new tenant was very pleased to be the new recipient of the skillet.  He tried it out right away and it was a hit.  Thanks so much Terri!!


Butterflies from Paperworks at the Flow Gallery - Click the link to see the full size version.

During the Christmas card season (That would be December!) I tore out the stamps and the postmark off of most of envelopes that came in the mail.  I still don't know what to do with them, but if I had seen this idea in December I might have used a craft punch instead of ripping them out.  Now I'm not so sure I have enough surrounding paper to make a butterfly, but then again I wouldn't want to copy this idea exactly. These are so cool.


An illustrator friend (of the family in the article) painted the handed-down recipes on the inside of the kitchen cabinets - now they are easy to find and probably get put into the menu rotation a bit more often.  I've often thought about getting my family recipes framed, but this is very clever.


Bunting seems to be all the rage from birthday parties and graduation parties to weddings.  I've seen bunting made from fabric, paper and felt and in all different sizes - I think it would be a lot of fun to drape in the house - my house!   On Robayre's blog she shows how she makes small bunting with junk mail and small bits of scrap paper or scrapbooking paper and she uses a paper punch to make the the little bunting pieces.  Brilliant!


I am late getting my Fragments up today because I finished editing my Rome Photos!!!  It's only been 5 months :)  but we are having a Rome Reunion dinner with many of my travelmates and I needed to get those photos edited and ready to show off.  I'm SO happy!  Goodness.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Beth Zimmerman said...

I enjoyed your post! I especially liked the butterflies! What an awesome idea!

Lisa Ceaser said...

Love the recipe on the cabinet door idea. though I doubt it would work for my nasty old fake wood cabinets. It inspired me to be more creative about decorating the insides though, maybe with pictures of actual recipe cards instead, so they can be removed when, if we ever get new cabinets.

Loved the butterflies, too!!!

Unknown Mami said...

I can't believe it's been 5 months since Rome. That's crazy!

Coby said...

I love the idea of having the recipes painted on the cabinet doors! That is beautiful!

Mrs4444 said...

I can't say that I know what a bunting is, but I love the butterflies! As for the recipes, putting them in a book is always nice, haha

Congrats on your win--I've been pretty lucky lately, too. Fun!

Hope you had a great weekend!