Thursday, July 22, 2010

I own a Droid!

 LG Ally (source)

I got a new phone today! :)

It's the LG Ally, part of the Verizon Android series of phones.

I had a Blackberry, that I loved, but there were some extras that I have been wanting and the Blackberry just didn't have the capabilities.  Yesterday was first day that we could upgrade our phones and get a discount, so we waited a whole day :)

Yes, Tom got a new phone, too.  The same as mine.

One of the things I really really wanted was a GPS.  I've been wanting one for a few years now and just recently I decided that I had to get one come hell or high water and get it soon.  Well, it's included in the new phone I got today.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Because I got a new phone I have spent nearly the entire evening trying to figure out how to use it!

Since I spent the entire evening playing with my new phone, I didn't even think about writing a blog post.  I can't believe that happened.

I know I said I was trying to figure out how to use it, but we all know I was playing :)  You can't help but play with these phones.  They are so much fun.

I'll have a lot to share in Friday's post because it's Friday Fragment day and because I missed today.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Kristin - The


Ann in the UP said...

I'm in awe of your techiness!

jb said...

Hmmmm...I have been dreaming of an Iphone for so long (not the G4) but now am looking into this nifty little fun! Now we will never get lost while driving, even if we get lost in conversations!

jennifer said...

I would like to have CP30 :)

Just Breathe said...

My husband and son got them about six weeks ago. They love them and my husband LOVES the GPS on it. Hooray for you, enjoy!

Loria said...

I am so happy you love your new phone but being a Mac gal, why on earth did you NOT get an Iphone .. they are basically the same and they sync up to your computer so easily ???? .. anyway, I'm glad you LOVE it.