Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Rome Reunion

We had our Rome reunion last night and almost everyone brought their photos so we could see them.   I flipped through a scrapbook and a few photo albums while I watched a photo DVD with a soundtrack.  There were several stacks of photos, another photo DVD as well as the photos that I took.

It was so much fun to relive the trip and see the different photographic views that everyone got of the same subject.   A couple of times I thought "That's my photo!" because it looked exactly like mine and other times you'd hear the whole room buzz, "How did you get that shot!" or "When did you go there?."  Two of the girls climbed up the several hundred steps to the top of St. Peter's Basilica and got the most amazing pictures.   I know the whole room collectively gasp when those photos came up on the TV screen.  They were gorgeous.

We all laughed at the people shots of all of us girls making goofy faces at the camera, but the funniest thing was when after watching the first DVD for about 20 minutes there was finally a photo of me.  Everyone started cheering and clapping.  I didn't realize that I wasn't in any of their photos either!  I didn't mean to be MIA, I was just busy enjoying the city and taking my own photos.

One of my travelmates brought this photo of me, in a frame for me.  This was taken at a castle in Rome that we toured and I guess she got me!  I love it.

I even brought my red jacket with me to the reunion last night and put it over my chair.   The very first day of the trip I wore a black jacket, but the next several days I wore this red windbreaker over my black one - it was quite chilly those days so I needed the extra warmth.  Then I wore the black jacket all by itself again and one of the ladies, Laura, told me that she couldn't find me being dressed in black so I simply must put the red one back on.  I happened to have the red one in my bag, so switched out right then and there.  I never again went out into the streets of Rome without my red windbreaker.  I guess Laura thought I was a flight risk, so I needed to be seen :)

Here's a little slideshow from my latest batch of edited Rome photos.

The slideshow starts off with a few pictures from the hand drawn map in our apartment. The highlighted building is the where we were staying. 

A unique church was just up the road from our apartment and I included a bunch of photos from there.  This church was literally put together from pieces of other buildings and columns.  Truly fascinating.

Then there are a lot of shots of the Coliseum and a picture of the three girls that went on the walking tour with me that particular day. I like mailboxes, so there's three different ones - the red and blue will be postmarked Rome and the yellow mailbox is for Vatican City.

The four photos of the map of Europe shows the Roman Empire. In the beginning it was just Rome - You can barely see the small white circle in Italy. Then some years later the empire has grown and then again and the last photo is of the Roman Empire at it's largest. I was so happy to have walked by these so I could photograph them. They are on a busy busy roadway so you can't stop to take a picture, the only way to do so is to find yourself walking by them...and we did :)

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs4444 said...

Red, again, huh? Hmmm Sounds like you all bonded and will probably have future trips together. I'm happy for you.

Ann in the UP said...

I love your Rome pictures. My favorite taken by us in Rome was of the Casa Gelato sign. A beacon to return to. yummmm,

Just Breathe said...

It's so wonderful that you all got together again. I can just hear them asking you about how/when you got your shots!! They are always unique.