Friday, April 16, 2010


Hear ye, Hear ye, my sister Alison,  has opened an Etsy shop!  I'm so excited.   Alison is seen here in a older photo, as the baby she's holding will be 2 in a few days.  I can't believe baby Stella is two.  Wow.  I'll talk more about the birthday girls in a few days.  (Zora's birthday is a few days after Stella's)

Well, back to the Etsy shop announcement.  Alison has just four items in her shop right now, but I'm sure she will be adding more in the near future.  The cards shown above, I actually have a set!  She sent them to me as a gift and I love them.  They are just so unique and so beautiful.  I have a hard time sending the artwork that my sister has done, but I think I have managed to mail out two or three of the cards.  Now that I know she has some more, I may send out the rest so I can buy some more!

You can click the link below to get to her shop.

My sister's Etsy Shop - Alison artisan

Oooh, look at these!  I hadn't seen these before.  How beautiful.  These are also in her shop.  I hope you can pop on over and bookmark her page as you look at what she has to offer.

Speaking of Etsy.  I have an Etsy site, too! 

The photo below is one of the many that I have available.  It's one of my first photos  and  I've titled "Stars and Stripes."  It's one of my neighborhood pictures...where I go out into neighborhoods and take pictures of things that catch my eye.

You can get to my site by clicking the link below.

My Etsy Shop - Kirby3131 

Very Very soon, I will be adding more of my Photos of the Day (POTD) and photos from my Rome trip.  I am also working on getting cards made from the photos, too. 

and I can't have an Etsy chat without mentioning that my friend Dust Bunny Hostage has an Etsy store.  She describes it as... 

Creatively Fighting Cancer is an opportunity to purchase items that will benefit Cancer research. A portion of ALL sales will be donated toward the fight. 100% of the proceeds from items specifically marked Creatively Fighting Cancer will be donated.
As of today, all of the items in her shop are marked CFC.


jennifer said...

Blogger ate my comment! RRRR!

As I was saying...

Best of luck to Alison. I hope she has great success.

And thank you for mentioning Creatively Fighting Cancer. So far, I've donated 50 dollars to St. Judes. YAY!

Love ya Kristin.

Just Breathe said...

Beautiful photo of your sister. I will be going and checking her Etsy shop. I keep meaning to go to yours too! I have purchased from Jennifer's shop before. Thanks for the links, I'm heading there now!

Anonymous said...

I love all those Etsy sites. You girls rock!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

BEAUTIFUl work....all of it! Congrats to you all! Good luck Allison, such gorgeous prints!