Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Final Four

The Michigan State Spartans have made it to the Final Four in Basketball.  Did I spell that correctly?  I don't normally watch basketball, so I'm not really sure.  However, my hometown team, the place where I went to college, the green and white, one of the Big Ten, made it to the Final Four, so I was compelled to watch.

We've been calling them the Cardiac Kids or the Heart Attack Boys since they seem to be winning these games with just seconds to spare causing all fans heart palpitations.  I chose to not watch and just get the results after the game.

Tonight though, I watched...between splayed fingers.

They were playing the Butler Bulldogs.  A small town team, the ultimate underdog (or bulldog!) and if they could beat MSU and make it to the finals it would be Hoosiers all over again.   The funny thing is that the Butler Bulldogs only had to travel a mere 6 miles from their college to the Lucas Oil Stadium where the Finals were being held.  These boys are indeed in their hometown. 

The Michigan State coach, Tom Izzo, is making sure that the Spartans keep their heads in the game.  The first half MSU was ahead the entire time, until seconds before halftime when Butler tied up the game.

 Butler comes out from halftime with the ultimate goal on their minds - to win.  MSU was never able to catch up.

 This cutie, Gordon Hayward, was one of the Butler stars and he was elated, obviously, when they beat MSU 52 to 50.  Of all of the teams to beat MSU, I'm truly pleased that it was this team.  It's a great story and so exciting for such a small school.

 These MSU fans were not as enthusiastic.  No win for the Big Ten.

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But the Michigan State Spartans will be back, you can guarantee it.  We are Spartans afterall.

This concludes the sports portion of this blog for about another six to nine months.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Kristin!!! You have OUTDONE yourself!!!

I pulled for Sparty all the way to the end, even being from Indiana. However, I will admit I'm not sad that Butler won.

Next game - - - Duke won. So, the final game (which I will NOT be able to see since I will be en route to CR) will be Butler vs Duke.

I had Duke winning it all in my brackets.

denise said...

ha ha! you are funny...i like the "this concludes the sports..." comment...yeah, i don't know much about these things but my husband is a big basketball fan and one of his friends a huge duke fan (i almost went to grad school there) so i was kinda to have that personal connection...

solo-dancer said...

well done Kres....I didn't know any of the stats for Butler. Cool. lm

Ann said...

Ahh, we're done again for another year. It is a town law that we have to root for MSU, since we live in Izzo-land here in Iron Mountain, yet I was happy that a Horizon League rep showed such savvy and power against the Big Boys! Go Butler! Show up and play against mighty Duke.

Just Breathe said...

I don't watch but I know our son was watching some games yesterday when he was here and I heard about the underdogs. Should be fun.

Margaretha Henry said...

Butler is a small college but not a small town school...their campus is located in Indianapolis LOL!

Anonymous said...

love your post - we watched this game in the Bahamas. I fell asleep for a little bit - the sun really wears me out LOL. I wanted MSU to win but as soon as they were out of it, I had hoped Butler would win that last game. You would make a good sports commentary person. LOL