Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thin people have no problems

Every so often I'm struck with this insane line of thinking and since it's wandered into my brain at this moment I decided I'd share it.

Did you know that people who are thin don't have any problems?

No, really - because when I think about my life as a person much thinner than I am now, all of my problems would disappear.

Of course, no new problems would ever arise.

I've been dealing with or not dealing with my weight for. ever. and sometimes I think, "well, if I were thinner, this wouldn't be a problem." Which I know isn't necessarily true, but it does make for an easy out to dismiss the problem or situation.

I was watching a show on TV tonight and I found myself thinking, "That is totally unrealistic, she's thin!"

Oh goodness, how wrong am I?!!

I can't believe how often that thought crosses my mind. 

It's not like all thin people are problem free.  Chances are that they don't have excess-weight related issues, this is true, but this in no way means that they don't make bad decisions, have a cluttered coffeetable, forget to return phone calls, date the wrong person or spend their money unwisely.

Why do completely rational people (I'm talking about me at this point)

I am rational aren't I?

Of course I am!  (She says while looking at the cat for reassurance)

OK, back to the question...

Why do completely rational people think such completely irrational thoughts?


Well, on a good note, I lost three pounds this week.  As you may or may not recall I gained 35 after being put on a medication where weight gain was a side effect. ( insert pulling my hair out graphic)  i gained 30 from the medication and 5 from being ticked off over the 30.

I think I've finally stopped the weight gain and am now able to lose it.  Let's hope so, I'm pretty miserable at this size and had to buy new clothes...larger.

sigh again.

Do thin people have this problem?

of course they do...

(she says as she looks to the cat for reassurance!)

Have a wonderful, delightful, fabulous day.  I know I will - I usually do :)


*The statue was in someone's yard in San Marco, FL
*The condiments are from a diner in Jacksonville that I can't begin to remember the name of at the moment.
*The LOVE words are from a display at Target.


Adrienne said...

my weight loss battle casue me all kinds of grief too hang in there I am rooting for you

Anonymous said...

I find it doesn't matter what others say, it's how you view yourself and feel about yourself in general. You are beautiful inside and out, but I hope you lose those 30 lbs and feel great yourself. Let me know if you need some great vegetarian recipes. hahaha i remember your comment once about never straying too far away from your normal list of things you cook, but don't hesitate to ask .. PS: here's my motto - if it wasn't for hot dogs, I could call myself a vegetarian.

Just Breathe said...

I remember being thin, I remember being a size 0 in high school! But my brain was always full of irrational thoughts. I just didn't have to dislike myself as much!

jennifer said...

Me too Kristin. I think the same way sometimes. *sigh* I spend a lot of time planning to be thin one day too. Is that rational? Where's my cat, I need some reassurance.