Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Me, Me, Me!

I stayed up really late last night.

I woke up at 7 or so when my husband got up for a Monkey Bars installation.

I fell back to sleep nearly immediately and slept until 10am when my "you can't sleep past 10am!" alarm went off. 

I almost ran to my computer to start selecting the pictures I wanted printed today at the 6¢ a print price.  It's only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I totally forgot yesterday, but thankfully I woke up thinking about it today.

I spent an hour with those photos and the website.  I swear sometimes it really isn't easier to just do it online.

I made myself some breakfast while I was waiting for some of the photos to upload.

I made the bed and finally got dressed while the next batch of photos uploaded.

I ordered the photos and I made the meatloaf that was planned for tonight's dinner.

I did the dishes from the making of the meatloaf, swept the kitchen, and made a list of the few things I needed from various stores nearby. 

I absolutely needed color ink for the printer.  Went to check the number on the cartridge and discovered I already had a replacement ready to go.  Cross that off the list.

I needed two things from Michaels crafts, but I knew it would take an hour to go through the store.

I planned that hour into my schedule.

OK, meatloaf is done.  ding ding ding

I can't wait until dinner.  I pull my seasoned lettuce out of the fridge and toss in a serving of meatloaf on top.  LUNCH!  Good stuff.

I finally finish up in the house and it's nearly 4:15pm. 

I feed the cat her treat and head out of the door.

I get down into the garage and it looks like my husband took the elevator up as I was in the elevator coming down.

I call my husband and he is indeed in the house, wondering where in the world I've hidden because he saw my car in the garage. 

I leave the garage, go to Michaels, shop (only buy one extra item - very good!) and  as I'm walking to the car I get a phone call and am asked to help a friend.

I drive off to help the friend.

A few hours later I'm heading back toward home.

Stop off at the grocery store to grab some more lettuce (I will be making more meatloaf salads this week)

I talk with a friend on the phone - actually two friends called now that I think about it.  I talked with two friends. :)

I come up to our condo and find packages at the door.

Bring the packages in.

Bring the groceries in.

Say Hi to the husband and to the cat. 

Put away groceries.

We open up the packages, discuss, eat a little dinner, talk, download some photos to my online storage and onto Facebook.

I say goodnight to the husband and he goes to bed.

I will follow at some point.

I hardly feel like I got anything accomplished and yet I see that I had a very productive day.

Thankfully I decided to make the meatloaf this afternoon so I could help my friend during the time I would have normally been making the meatloaf. 

Funny how things like that work out.

I bet I had a nagging feeling something was going to come up.

I hope you have a lovely and productive day.


jb said...

I don't now how you do it all! I loved chatting with you tonight, fun to be part of your busy busy life!!!!

Just Breathe said...

You accomplished so many things.
That salad sounds great, I'm going to try it, thank you. God always has a plan for our day.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOve it. Makes me think of the Toby Keith song, "I wanna talk ab meeee"

Loria said...

whew, i'm exhausted now.