Monday, April 19, 2010

POTD - Oranges

POTD - Oranges

Here in Florida we have stores just off the expressway where tourists are encouraged to buy Florida Oranges by the pound and send them back to family and friends.   I think they will even ship your purchases for you.  I don't know actually, as I have never bought any for my family or friends.  Gosh, am I supposed to?  I was thinking this was just a tourist thing until I actually started talking about it.  Well, I can't think about it right now, it's not even orange season.

The particular stores in my area are called Indian River Fruit and they carry a large selection of Florida souvenirs, too!  This particular store was closed and a new one had been built across the street.  Orange and Blue - now those are some Gator colors.



Anonymous said...

i bet your family would love some oranges .. put it on your list for next year!!

jennifer said...

Have you ever seen the episode of Everyone Loves Raymond about the Fruit of the Month club? Snicker snort! That's what your post made me think of.

jennifer said...

Here it is...

Love ya!

Just Breathe said...

I love those places in Florida. I remember always going to one when we drove from Chicago to Florida.
The orange gum in the little crates, taffy, orange blossom perfume, etc.