Monday, April 26, 2010

POTD - Circle Curtain

POTD - Circle Curtain with Reflection

As I was coming back from my Saturday trek to the arts market I took a different route home.  I'm so glad I did when I spied this little book store in an old brick building.  They were closed on Saturdays but it didn't much matter, the circle chains hanging in the windows made my heart go pitter pat!  I just got out and snapped a few photos.  This is actually a color photo, but doesn't it look black and white? 



Tiffany said...

So cool!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Just Breathe said...

Yes, black & white is awesome. Can't even picture it in color.

Unknown Mami said...

It never would have occurred to me that this was a color photo.

Anonymous said...

i looks like big rain drops coming down. cool.

jennifer said...

Something about it looks like rain. Do you see that too?