Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've been wanting to come up with something fun for today's post and I thought about all of those 10 things posts that I see on other blogs.  I don't think I've done a 10 things list, but when I Googled "ten things" to see what some of the topics might be, at the bottom of the first page were a list of ten things that people on my Google Reader have done.  That was fun!

One of the lists came from Unknown Mami.  She talked about 10 things that she's sick of. 

Your Homebased Mom had a list of the five things her mother taught her.

Putting the Fun in DysFUNctional talked about the 10 bloggers that brighten her day.

Dust Bunny Hostage had a list of ten things that she loves that starts with the letter C.

and several blogs had ten things that made them happy.

I think I'll write about the Ten Things that Make Me Happy because I'm in sort of a giddy mood.

One.  Crawling into my own bed after being away for a vacation.  I actually giggle!

Two.  Seeing the new line of dishtowels at the Trowbridge Shop-Rite in East Lansing, MI.   This really makes me happy.  Each time I go home to Michigan I find a way to go there to see the new styles.

Three.  A beautiful piece of pottery.  I have a round decorative piece next to my sink that Tom and I got as a wedding gift.  I love it.

Four.  Tile.  Tile makes me happy.  I love retro tiles, new glass tiles, tumbled marble tiles and hand made tiles from craftspeople around the country, among thousands of other styles.    When I see a lovely tile job in someones house I audibly gasp at the beauty.

Five.    A brand new pair of white tennis shoes.  Oh, that makes me so incredibly happy.

Six.  Seeing a letter or a card addressed to me in the mailbox.  (The kind that aren't from fake friends, like the local Realtor's office or the condo association!)

Seven.  Having someone pay me a compliment.  Sometimes it's hard to accept the compliment, but having someone tell you you've done a good job or they like a photograph you've taken or that your phone call made their day - those make me feel 10 feet tall. 

Eight.  Cleaning products.  There are very few cleaning products that fit into this "make me happy" category as I am truly choosy.  

Nine.  My MAC laptop.  Oh goodness, I can't even begin to talk about how much this little silver rectangle has made me happy.   

Ten.  Seeing something that is unique that I can photograph.  The Joe Motel is one of those things.  I was just driving down the road when I saw the place.  My heart started fluttering and I was overcome with joy - that was a very happy moment.  I get many of those moments these days, now that I have a camera with me all the time. 

My family and friends also make me incredibly happy, but I figured that was assumed :) 

Have a Wonderful and Happy Weekend!


Unknown Mami said...

You take fantastic photographs and I hope you get compliments for them all the time.

Loria said...

you are truly amazing!!

Just Breathe said...

Since I already follow three of the four you mentioned I thought I better go check out Homebased Mom.
Another wonderful blog to follow.
So I love dish towels too! Joe Motel was a great photo. Thank you for sharing your 10 things.

jennifer said...

Do you know the image of you giggling because you crawled into your own bed made me giggle too? Ha! Who knew it was infectious.

I understand about tile. I like glass. Colored glass is just amazing.

#10... Seeing the photographs that you take make me happy. You have a gift!