Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missed Connections

Every so often I go to Craig's List and I almost always end up looking at the Missed Connections.  They are just so entertaining most of the time.  I am amazed how many glances get posted.  I've glanced at a few million people, smiled at several more million and have waved, laughed and chatted with a lot more.  I wonder if anyone ever asked about me here?  I hope they don't ask me what they were wearing!!

I've made my comments in the parenthesis below each listing.

a couple of summers ago - m4w - 40
Met twice during a business meeting I had in Florida. It was a binding experience for the both of us. You during our second encounter; me, mentally, ever since.

R U Still around?

(This really makes me wonder - two encounters a couple of years ago?  It just seems like they would have gotten back together again in a couple of years if the two previous encounters were significant to the woman.)

you work at little ceasers on wilson - m4w - 19
very beautiful dark skinned female
i came up within 30 minutes ago (its not 8:20. so about 7:50ish?)
was wearing a hat and a bright shirt, we locked eyes for a minute
care to see where it leads?
email back with the color of the truck i was driving

(I love this kind of message.  I have a terrible memory so I would never be able to pass the test - whatever it is.  In this case, the person was supposed remember the guy and also make a note of what car he got into after a "locked eyes" moment.  I wonder what the guy would do if she responded by saying she had no idea, but she remembered his eyes were blue.)

Class - m4w - 25
You sit in front of me in humanities and I cant bring myself to ask you out. Your interesting to talk to and I think your interested in me but I just cannot tell. I would like to talk to you more but the teacher keeps looking our direction. I don't think your EVER gonna see this but I had to get it out there. If by some chance you see this what is the tat your planning on getting

(This one is the funniest one I found.  I mean, she shouldn't have to start explaining what kind of tat she's planning on getting, she could probably just walk into humanities class and say - Hey!  Thanks for the shout out on Craig's List and he'd know she saw it. LOL)

pink/white bikini - m4w - 24
Normally I wouldn't post here because you probably wouldn't see this anyways.
You: pink and white striped bikini, headphones and by yourself
I kept glancing over at you and thought I caught you doing the same back. When I was leaving, I was going to say something but didn't know what to say at the time. If you see this, response with what I was wearing, and if I was with a male or female. This a a long shot but who knows

(Unless it's a pirate costume, I rarely remember what people are wearing!)

Jacksonville Ale House! 4/6/10 - w4m - 21
You were wearing a red shirt and black and white checkered hat! Super cute, smiling at me from across the bar for some of the night! I should have said something but I'm super shy when it comes like that, even though the girl I was with was pushing me to! lol. Anyway, you'll probably never see this, but figured it was worth a shot I guess, since we left before you and I were able to speak. :) You're adorable! Oh, and I was in a black/white and grey little dress, with boots. ;) Ahhh I hope you're a craigslist nerd, because I'd never think to check on here, lol. :)

(Here we are with the women writing the messages.  The women tend to be a bit more descriptive - at least the two I chose today were much more wordy than the men's posts. -- I just thought this was a cute message. )

Motorcycle guy asking for directions - w4m

Saturday night (like 10pm) in the parking lot of McDonalds.
You were on a blue sports-bike.
You were lost, your buddy was giving you crappy directions.
I gave you better, easy directions.
Maybe it was me, but you seemed to be looking at me pretty intense.
You sure were a cutie
If your interested, hit me back.
Put the name of the road you were looking for in the subject line so I wont delete it as spam.
If you dont remember the name of the street, put the name of the road you were on in the subject line.

(I liked this one because she gives the motorcycle guy a few options if he can't remember where he was going. LOL  I almost don't believe that this actually happened - I mean, do motorcycle guys ask directions?  My car driving make friends never do!)

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of silliness.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I never visit craig's list so without this post, i would never know this even existed. too funny.

i agreed with all your witty comments and I would never remember details - i can't even remember your post right now .. i only remembered that it gave me a chuckle .. lol

Unknown Mami said...

I love missed connections! I could spend all day reading them.

jennifer said...

I didn't even know such a thing existed! I'll be looking these up now.

Just Breathe said...

Are you kidding me. I had no idea that people do that. Boy I don't want to go there, after having a cheating husban I would be afraid I would find him, I think I would get obsessed looking for him.