Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Melting Pot

This dinner was planned almost two months ago, in Rome.  We made a date and then it turned out that two of us couldn't go, so the dinner was postponed.  When in Rome and eating delicious food, one often thinks of food back home and plans food events to make sure that more food events keep coming into our lives.  or something like that :)

We decided to go for the make-an-evening-out-of-it meal.  I actually can't remember the title of it, but it was the 4 course meal that everyone would share.  This was the cheese course.  Into the cheese we dunked bread, apples and veggies and more bread.

The drinks arrived.  Laura had a Mojito and Erin had a Sangria.  I had dietCoke.  I'm regretting that decision now as I am wide awake.  Very Wide Awake. 

After the cheese we had a salad.  Laura and I both had a spinach salad and Erin had a Caesar.  I loved the spinach salad but it was almost too flavorful and rich.  Had I put on my own dressing I would have used almost none and there was just too much on there.  I'll remember for next time (she says with a smile - I will make sure there is a next time!)

The meat course was next.  On this plate were a whole bunch of things that I would have never ordered, but was very very good.  They were all seasoned in such interesting ways.  There was lime marinated shrimp, chili marinated chicken, pork in something, beef in something, dumplings, and ahi tuna.  There was a bowl of veggies, too.  Yum!

This was actually a belated birthday dinner for Erin, so when Mat-with-one-t brought out the dessert, he had a candle in the cheese cake and no one sang. :)  I think Erin was very happy that no one sang.  I started singing Ebony and Ivory earlier in the meal and Laura and Erin were sufficiently embarrassed at that - imagine if we sang HBD!

Here is Mat-with-one-t doing the flambe technique to our dessert chocolate.  He was very talented.  However, he did tell us that he does not fondue when he cooks at home.  Gee, do you think he gets enough of it at work?  Well, whether he practices his techniques at home or not, he did a great job being our waiter.

I really liked the metal sconces.

Outside I took some photos of us.  I took a few photos of Erin and Laura, but neither one of them turned out!  So I asked my lovely assistants to take photos of me with each of them.  Here I am with Erin and below I'm with Laura.

What a nice little reunion and a very Happy Birthday to Erin, 6 weeks post birthday :) 

If you have a Melting Pot Restaurant in your town, I would highly recommend going for a really nice night out with friends.  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Have a great weekend!


Just Breathe said...

We do have two that I know of, not real close by but not far away either. I haven't been. Maybe that is what I should pick for our Anniversary in June! Thanks for the tour.

Adrienne said...

this looks so yummy =)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

You had a much better experience at yours. Search my blog post.....although mine was resolved by a very nice manager,who has a spider out on his website. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Melting Pot is great!! Everyone should go at least once!