Monday, April 05, 2010

POTD - Donate Life

POTD - Donate Life

Lori, shown peeking behind her computer, was one of the many volunteers that helped with the Donate Life event at Jacksonville Landing this weekend.  Her brother was an organ donor and when he passed two years ago, he was able to help several individuals.  One of his organs went to one of my tenants and that started the bonds of friendship between three people who would have never met otherwise. 

I love you Aunt Jean!*


*Lori's Aunt Jean went on our trip to Rome and now it's just something I say when I see Lori, but I do love Aunt Jean!  She's a hoot.


jennifer said...

I'm sorry that Lori lost her brother but what a testimant, that he was able to help people!

Lori has pretty eyes. And I'm sure if you love Aunt Jean I would love Aunt Jean too :)

Just Breathe said...

What a sweet story. I always feel badly for the people who suffer the loss of their loved one but what a wonderful gift it is to give your organs away.

Anonymous said...

what a bittersweet story - i love that it brought 3 people together. my red heart came in the mail a little over a month ago and it is proudly displayed on my license :)