Friday, April 16, 2010

POTD - Lansing Uniform

POTD - Lansing Uniform

I just went to the Lansing Uniform website and found out that they have been in business for the past 31 years.  I'm not sure if they've been in the same location, it didn't say, but my memory is that this sign has been in this location for a VERY long time.  The last time I went home to Lansing, MI, I made a point of taking photos of some places that have been there awhile.  I wanted to have a photographic memory of signs and buildings from my town.   This was one of those signs.


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Anonymous said...

I like old signs too. About 12 years ago ???, the company i work for was renovating downtown east lansing - where jacobsens was. Anyway, they had to tear down one building and when they did, they saw on the side of the building next to it was a very well kept painting advertisement for Vernors and it had a gnome. Anyway, for weeks after that before the new structure went up, the yogurt store (i think) did free vernors floats on Fridays. I took my girls - do you remember that? I took photos of it but that film ended getting wet so I was never able to develop it . i was so bummed.