Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing is related

The day that nothing was related.

I had a few things I wanted to say and I had some pictures I wanted to post - turns out it was all about animals and none of it was really related to one another.   Sounds good to me!

I love spring.  It comes and goes too quickly here in Florida but the humidity seems to be at bay for some time yet. That is the true end of spring for me - the return of the muggy days.

I've mentioned before that I live on the 5th floor of our condo building so that means that I look out on the tree tops of the pine tree preserves behind our place.  The birds love it.  (Not that I live on the 5th floor, but that we have this nice big preserve)  They sing and sing and sing.  We even have several night birds that chat it up.  I really appreciate that I live in the city and yet I am thrilled that I have nature at my back door.

The photo above was taken at Target.   I did line the birds up :) 

My Grandma Henry had these scary bunnies in her home.  I don't know why she got them or how she could stand looking at them, but yet, they are so interesting (and freaky) and kind of funny looking (and freaky.) 

This rabbit reminds me of a Hitchcock film!


Florence Martus (1868 - 1943), who was known by the people of Savannah and sailors of the sea as the Waving Girl, which is also the name of this statue dedicated to her.  Florence greeted ships to Savannah by waving a towel by day and a lantern by night.  It is guesstimated that in the 44 years she waved, she greeted 50,000 ships.

The Waving Girl Statue by renowned sculptor Felix De Weldon, the sculptor of the United States Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, Virginia (also known as the Iwo Jima Memorial,) depicts Florence with her loyal collie.

I was so excited that I was able to get a picture of the statue with a ship coming up the waterway at the same time.

I can't remember if I've spoken about this gem of a book before, so humor me if I have :)  Ever since I found the book a few months back I've been thinking about Timothy's climb.  I'll be going through my day and all of a sudden I think of Took-a-look Hill.

This is the inside front cover - it shows the journey of Timothy.

Here are the larger versions of the collage above. Notice where he gets cold feet!

Heavy Gloom!  Oh goodness, I know those days, then followed by the bolder incident and recovery - heading for home and the cheering fans!

My book was a softcover book, originally published in 1946 and truly one of my very favorites.

Click on the photo above to enlarge the page and read the first page of the story.  I love the way it flows.  There is just not any way to read this without having it sound like a little song.

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that give me such complete joy.

Swimmingly, swimmingly, swim.

Have a fabulous day!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I couldn't own those rabbits; I'd be afraid they'd eat me while I slept!
I NEED a copy of that book - I LOVE turtles and my son's name is Timothy!

solo-dancer said...

Timothy Turtle: is that your original copy? I remember that story so well.

Rabbits! All the rabbits have been moved to the back bedroom (as I'm working on a beach theme and rabbits don't seem to be beachy :o))....why did she have those 'guys' anyway. They are odd.

jb said...


Just Breathe said...

I enjoyed this "Nothing is Related"
post. I love what you see when you walk by a shelf in a store. Those bunnies are very different. Those muggy days are so hard to take! Love the story of the Waving Girl, how sweet she must have been. Enjoyed reading Little Timothy, I don't think I found his cold feet.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOVE those books!