Friday, April 02, 2010

POTD - San Marco Lions

POTD - San Marco Lions

There are just some statues that create a buzz.  In Jacksonville, FL one of those well known statues is the San Marco Lions.  I have seen pictures of them many times, but for the past four years I had not happened upon them.   That is until this past weekend when I attended the San Marco Art Fair.  Right there, in the middle of this lovely little shopping area were the lions.  Beautiful.



jennifer said...

Stunning! I feel like I have been somewhere this morning and I'm not even out of my PJs yet. Black and white is perfect for that photograph.

Ocean Girl said...

Yes, they were beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Mike Golch said...

Great photo.

qandlequeen said...

Thank you so much for sharing these sites around town. I lived in Jacksonville from Sept 1987 til April 1988 - my daughter was born at the Naval Air Station. Since I was frequently stranded without a car and didn't know anybody I hung out at my apartment a lot and really didn't get to ENJOY all that Jacksonville has to offer. But I do have a kickass seashell collection :)


Just Breathe said...

They are awesome. Is there a story behind them?