Monday, May 03, 2010

The 90 Day Challenge

In which I disclose my new business and one of my biggest challenges.

I have lot of challenges in life.  More than some and a lot less than others.

I have skin issues, allergies, a cranky husband (just to see if you're paying attention), diabetes, a temperamental hip and too much weight on my body.  I've whined about my weight many times the past few months, so this is nothing new.

I've been up and down in my weight for most of my life, but for the past 6 years I have maintained my weight give or take 5 pounds...until this past year.  I maintained a weight that was far above my ideal weight, but I was always pleased that I didn't yoyo, however, I have gained 30 pounds since January of 2009.  The past three months the weight gain has stopped, thankfully, so I'm finally to a point where I think I can stop obsessing over it and start to manage it.

I know how to eat.  Thanks to another weight management system I learned how to eat, what to eat, portion control, exercise, etc.  What happened this past year was due mostly to Diabetes and the resulting medication.  The previous weight management system is still fabulous, but the carbs in the program, essential to their balance of foods, wasn't working well with my Diabetes management.  I needed something to replace the carbs and keep the good whole foods that I was already accustomed to eating.

I was pretty much miserable and just hoping that no one would notice that I gained a million pounds.  Each time I went to my doctor he would call for the nurse to bring him a pamphlet on lap band surgery.  He wouldn't talk to me about other options, only surgery.  I'm not doing surgery.  End of conversation.  It's worked for others.  I'm not doing it.  I also fired that doctor and am seeing a new doctor in a few weeks.  We are going to start off on the same foot or I'll find another one.  Guaranteed.  I'm on a mission.

Almost two weeks ago I was introduced to ViSalus and their product line.  I was part of a taste testing event and really liked the product.  I knew I could fit a shake or two into my day and love it. Sign me up!

When shown the marketing plan I joined. (I wasn't that easy, but I'm a very good listener.)  I've been a part of several direct marketing or MLM companies and have been very pleased with them.  It's always more fun to be a part of a team, but combining the team with weight loss is awesome!

ViSalus isn't only about weight loss, you can also use it to gain weight, maintain weight and get those essential vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s as well as many other goodies in a great tasting shake.  I have to admit that I could drink a chocolate milk (or 3) a day.  I love it.  It's not something I get to have very often and the options that are diabetic friendly are just not that tasty.  The ViSalus shakes are customizable and very good.

Here we are.

I'm at the point where I state my intentions.

My personal ViSalus review has to end with a challenge and a photo.

I know on the Biggest Loser that I'm always shocked at the before photos and horrified at the same time.  Well, I'm just as horrified at my own.

I won't talk about ViSalus every day (I love my blogging friends too much to turn this into a commercial site) but I will give weekly updates.

If you'd like to have more information on ViSalus and how you can become a customer, please let me know and go visit my ViSalus website -

If you think that this would be a great business for you, please let me know.  It's one of the very best marketing plans I've seen and I've seen a lot of them.  This company is quite new, just 5 years old with less than 30 thousand representatives.  It's an exciting time.

If you want to wait and see how I do on my 90 Day ViSalus Challenge...Stay Tuned.

OK, before shots on my patio May 1, 2010. 

It's a real before shot - ponytail and no makeup!  Sheesh. 

My weight loss to date - Zero

My end date for the challenge - August 1, 2010.

Once again, go check out the website.

I'd like to know what you think of the whole thing.

I'm having trouble clicking the "Publish Post" button.  I can extol the virtues of my favorite window cleaner, the love of my favorite restaurant and places I like to shop but when it comes to my own product and full length photos of myself I get nervous.

OK, I'm just going to do it.



Just Breathe said...

I wish you success. How exciting!

Lydia said...

Hurray for you! It sounds like you have joined an impressive company and are part of a team that will create positive change in your life. I am so pleased for you.

Let me know if your new product has any affect on solving your skin allergies. I am having a terrible time since December with rashes breaking out on my legs and now my arms. Was patch-tested by a dermatologist last week and found out that I have a high sensitivity to ....... NICKEL. Great. He gave me information to read, told me I have my work cut out for me to find out the source, and told me to have a good day.

O, and I have a cranky husband who is worried about the 25% cuts coming in the state agency where he has a lovely job. (I do wonder if the rashes aren't related to nerves, plain and simple!)

To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

Lose, lose, lose the weight
Drink ViSalus shakes.
The docs who said to use lap bands
Are just such total flakes!

Ann said...

Way to take charge of your problem. I hope your product is sensational and will help you achieve your goal by August. We will all be rooting for you to succeed!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything! I'll be watching for pictures :)

jb said...

How exciting! I joined weight Watchers this week! I am going to check out your info...I would LOVE to drink a chocolate shake daily and lose weight while gaining vitamins and Omega 3s!

Mrs4444 said...

You are a cutie pie, my friend. Good for you! I wish you luck :)

Shutterbug8162 said...

You are beautiful. Your smiling face is always one of the first ones I look for on my FB status list.

Congrats on taking a challenge on and doing something rewarding for yourself. I shall be watching and encouraging as best I can.

Go for it, be healthy!

Anonymous said...

K, I'm your fan and cheerleader - I saw you posted to FB - kudos for sharing your vulnerability. You are a great inspiration on so many levels. YOU Rock! Good luck and I look forward to the updates - PS: if you want to talk but don't want to post, email me direct xox.