Monday, May 10, 2010

Blender instructions

As you may remember, I started a 90 Day Challenge last week and I posted my picture and talked briefly about the ViSalus program.  Well, here we are, a week later and I'm down 6 pounds.  Yep, 6 glorious pounds.  I always assume that the first weeks it's all water weight, but I'll take 6 pounds of water weight!  Although, I don't think it's all water weight because I have to admit, I was quite hungry for a day or two until I got used to everything.

In a few days I'm taking off for Gulf Shores, AL again.  Now that I've got a new eating routine, I needed to have a blender to take with me.  I'm not sure if the GS condo has a blender and I knew I wanted an extra one, so I just went out and got an inexpensive one with a plastic pitcher. I made a shake with it tonight and I think it's going to wrok out just wonderfully.

Before I made the shake in the new blender, I wanted to make sure I was going to use the blender properly, so I read the directions. You have to see this - what a hoot!

It reminded me of the IKEA furniture instructions where there are no words, just little figures and A, B, C, etc to guide you to successfully putting together the piece of furniture you have purchased.  The blender is much easier to work, I understand, but it's still funny how little info is here about how to use the blender. 

I'm still very excited about this program.  The last few days it's been like second nature to make the shake for breakfast, eat lunch, have a shake for a late snack and dinner.  If you want to check it out you can watch a few short videos here -

Hope you have a great week!
6 pounds lighter!!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Wow!! Six pounds???

Terri said...

good for you!

Just Breathe said...

Hey six pounds is still six pounds! Good for you, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

omg, i'm so happy for you. I've been meaning to ask you for a few days now how it was going and here all i had to do was read your post .. keep up the good work, 6 pounds is a great start.