Thursday, May 27, 2010

POTD - Nervous

POTD - Nervous

I promise...I was at a complete stop when I took this photo.  I had about a full football field between me and the guy ahead of me so I could get this photo at the stop light, but I was stopped :)

These mattresses were not stable.

They were frightening.

If you have ever watched a mattress come flying out of the back of the pick up, you would know the reason why I wasn't behind this guy for very long. 

I have a story. 

Wanna hear it??

Hillary and my Mother were in the pickup with the mattress and I was in the chase vehicle behind them.  Mom started driving too fast, the wind caught the mattress and it went flying out of the back straight at me.  I pulled over and ran out into the middle of the expressway to try to haul the mattress over to the side of the road.  Mom finally stopped and Hillary ran out to help me.  We did manage to get the mattress out of the road before the semi truck hit us, so that was good :) 

That was the short version!

I'm always very aware of mattresses when they are being transported, but this joker.  Oh goodness.



Marg said...

I was driving into Philly one day, and some idiot was driving a flat bed loaded with cinder blocks into the Navy Yards; they were completely unsecured, not even a rope. He hit a major pothole and about 8 of them slid off the bed and right toward me. Luckily I was far enough behind that they landed on the ground, but still I managed to drive on top of them and stall. Had to be pulled off the blocks. People can be really stupid. But of course I'm not talking about your mom LOL!

Just Breathe said...

Better safe then sorry. What were they thinking. I always watch for things that are tied down. I am always afraid that the big steel drums are going to come tumbling down on me! That was a dangerous situation for you!

Loria said...

Whenever I'm driving through the upper peninsula it seems I get stuck behind a logging truck and I am always scared they will come untied.