Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday in Jacksonville

Just another Saturday in Jacksonville.

I made a BLT

What you see here is applewood smoked bacon, gorgeous Italian bread, heirloom tomatoes and butter lettuce, with a bit of Hellman's real mayo to make the whole thing sing.  I bought these tomatoes over a week ago and they are finally finally ready to eat.  I bought the bacon and the bread yesterday to make sure that they were both still in the house for the BLT when the tomatoes were ready.  I'll probably get one more BLT and then I'll have to start over with the tomato ripening process :) 

After that delicious sandwich I decided to go out on the town.

I'm exploring more of Jacksonville, trying to learn the streets so I don't get nervous if I make a wrong turn.  The past few weeks it's been the little area called Mandarin.  I found a sign for an estate sale, so I followed it.

The estate sale was right here on this one lane road and the curving bamboo.  I loved it.

The sale had been pretty much picked through but I did manage to buy a fax machine for $12.  The one we have is ancient and it slower than molasses.  I'm excited to trade up!

When I got out of the sale I noticed a window propped up against a tree behind my car.  Actually, from this view, I thought it was just one window, but upon later inspection there was another set on the other side of the tree.

What does a person with a camera already around their neck do?  Well, I go over and take some pictures of them of course!

I took pictures from this side and then made my way around to the other side to take pictures of that one.

There were a lot of ferns growing behind the glass on this side. I loved it.

I bent over and took this photo... stood up, turned around and started to walk away.

all of a sudden...






A rather large branch came crashing down out of the tree in the exact spot where I was just seconds ago bending over to take that photo.  I was only about 5 feet away at this point. 

I didn't think to take a picture of the branch.  I was pretty much only thinking about keeping my heart inside my body.

Then I started laughing.

Did I mention that I'm lucky?

I really wish I didn't need to try to prove it.

I hope your Saturday wasn't as dramatic as mine!



Just Breathe said...

First and foremost ~YUM~ to that sandwich.
I adore that 4th picture, the up close one. Great shot!!!
Glad you are okay and so happy to hear that you are lucky, that's a good thing....

Tricia said...

Okay. Oh.My. Let's make it a goal to not prove how lucky we are. Okay?! ;)

Beth said...

Wonderful post, Kristin! And that sandwich looks heavenly! Glad the branch didn't get ya!

Unknown Mami said...

That is crazy! I'm so glad you are so darned lucky.

jb said...

I know that you are lucky, you always have been. How fantastic to find old rusty windows filled with ferns...propped against a tree! Thank goodness you didn't get beaned by that branch.
Having eaten many BLTs with you, I wish I had been there for that one!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

We drove through a bamboo lined area like that in Costa Rica!!!! I put a photo of it on the CR blog, "Scene" along the way.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

WOW! Glad you didnt get hit. The pictures of the fern are gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

that sandwich has me hungry.