Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rome in a Slideshow

Day Two of Rome was a very long day and we saw a lot of good stuff :) Seriously, we went all over town and even to one of the hilltops to get a better view of the city. There are a series of 4 or 5 photos from the hilltop - it's the panorama view of Rome. We rode on a bus from place to place this day and I snapped photos from the bus as we were cruising by interesting places and of course at the places where we stopped.

This slideshow contains some moving pictures (from the bus), photos from the memorial park where we had that awesome overlook of the city, the nighttime walk to Hardrock Rome and a few of us posing at our tables in the restaurant.

Good times!


Just Breathe said...

Rome is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Love the slideshow.

Anonymous said...

I like the kitty picture and the views of the city. The one building looks like there are two swan statues on top.