Sunday, May 02, 2010

POTD - Cross

POTD - Cross

I do enjoy a good cemetery.  I don't go as often as I'd like, that's for sure, but when I go I look around at as many names and dates as possible.  I don't know who this cross belongs to, as I took so many photos, but it was lovely.



Just Breathe said...

I am right there with you. I love walking around a cemetery, especially old ones. I have seen tombstones from the 1800's and I really get excited. Love the cross.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Weird enough, I used to skip school and go to the cemetary and read ab folks there. I loved OLD cemetaries....such beautiful stones, like the one you have here.

Im playing catch up.

jennifer said...

Ha! Another thing we have in common - I love a good cemetary too :)

Anonymous said...

we had an old tombstone in our backyard in Grand Ledge. We never knew if it was from way back when they used to bury people in the yard or if it was stolen and put there. I love old cemetaries too.