Thursday, May 27, 2010


We are cruising right along without a care in the world (hypothetically of course) and all of a sudden a routine event comes along with different results.  So now it leaves us scratching our heads and wondering what in the world we are going to do.

Tom has blood work once a month just to make sure that everything is going along swimmingly with his liver, kidneys, etc.  For the last four years the blood work has been the same for the most part.  Last week the blood work was different. 

Liver enzymes were high. 

That's a sign of rejection.

Depending on the numbers it can be a mild rejection or extreme rejection.

I think we are in the mild range.

So this week he had another blood draw and the numbers were nearly identicle.  Sigh.  We thought maybe the high numbers were from some herbal suplements he had tried for a few weeks.  Guess not, otherwise the numbers would have gone down this time.

So in another week he's having another round of bloodwork. If the numbers are the same or higher I think they are going to do a liver biopsy.  This will end some of the guesswork and we will have the next steps talk with the doctors.


I hope all is right in your world.  Have a delightful weekend!


Just Breathe said...

I have been working on a post where I sigh often. Hope that all will be okay. I will pray for him.
My husband was called into the doctor for recent blood work. I was a wreck! Overactive thyroid, this is new to him.

brainella said...

Here's hoping for the best. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers.

Shutterbug8162 said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday. Sending prayers!

Tricia said...

Saying a little prayer right now.

denise said...

i'm sorry i'm 3 days behind on "following" you but will definitely keep you in my prayers!

Loria said...

Oh kristin, I'm catching up on your blog .. i'm so sorry to hear of this but I will keep you and Tom in my prayers. Stay positive!! xox

jennifer said...

Oh Kristin. Sigh is right. So glad that I didn't miss this post. I will pray for both Tom and you.

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, dang it, Cristin. We'll just have assume the best, though. Just in case, I'll add you to my prayer list.