Saturday, May 29, 2010

POTD - Vacation Rental

POTD - Vacation Rental

On this long weekend, many folks will be heading out to the water.  It seems like this is the weekend that the cottages get opened up and the boats go in the water.   Other folks head to the beach and stay in ocean condos - this condo faces the Gulf of Mexico in Gulf Shores, AL.  I took this photo in March when I was there visiting my mom.  I love the turquoise blue of the windows.



Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Reflecting a perfect turquoise sky, I presume.

Just Breathe said...

Very nice. When we lived in Chicago my husband new a man who had a condo at New Smyrna Beach and we went there several times.
I was even there once when a hurricane was coming!!! It was really fun staying in a condo on the beach.

Unknown Mami said...

This photo reminds me of bookshelves. Have a great weekend!

denise said...

this is a really cool photo! and i agree with unknown mami, i thought they were bookshelves when i just saw the thumbprint before clicking on the post.

Loria said...

oooh I like the turquoise glass reflection too! At first I thought it was a picture of a bunch of movie rentals LOL.