Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mustard and ToGo containers

I received gifts in the mail over a week ago and I'm now just finally getting my act together enough to talk about them.    My friend, Lori,  sent me this lovely gift.  They are items from her neck of the woods.  She included a jar of oh-my-goodness-it's-so-good mustard and two bags of coffee - one was chocolate almond and the other chocolate cherry.  Leelanau is a county in Michigan - the upper pinky region of the state.  The rubber bands that she used as a packing material are probably not from the area, but they were fun to receive nonetheless. 

It is a good time to start something new!!  I'd also really like to be happier, so I'm wondering what difficult test I'm going to need to pass in order to achieve that happiness.

I have to say this before I start getting coffee in the mail :)  I don't drink it.  I worked in a coffeehouse for years, but never drank the stuff.  I appreciate the smell of coffee though...goodness, it's wonderful.  Well anyway, I gave away the coffee to a friend of mine, but that mustard, it's all mine. 

She also gave me a really funny card, but I can't show it because I was given instructions to give it away - so I don't want to give away the secret.  It was a funny card, so who ever receives it will get a kick out of it!

Thank you Lori.  Thank You.  It was such a sweet guesture. 

I just realized...

Those rubber bands look like pasta. 

Hmmm, pasta.

Yummy Pasta.

Speaking of pasta.

These are the ToGo containers that I received from Maggiano's Italian Restaurant the other night.  The ones that I was thrilled to get a few extra of so I could further my refrigerator food storage love. 

Here is a stack in my fridge.  The bottom one is the ravioli from the restaurant.  The middle one is a piece of steak from dinner a few nights back and the top one is a block of cheese.  Usually I have half of one of the containers full of already grated cheese and the other half holds the remaining block of cheese.  It's my favorite way to store cheese.  Saves on baggies and the cheese has never gotten dried out from this storage method.  I also have to admit, it's also nice to have some grated cheese on hand to sprinkle on my salads. 

I don't buy preshredded cheese for lots of reasons, but the main reason is that I really dislike the dusting powder that they coat the cheese in so it won't stick together.  The second main reason is the cost.  I can buy a block of cheese, shred at will and store it in this container. 

Here I am promoting a product that's a take out container! Too funny.

So there are two of the things that I wanted to share.  I still have some more Rome photos (like 700 or so!) and I need to talk about the metal sculptures that I saw in Alabama and there was something else.  Hmmm, I can't think of it right now.

Oh, a penpal.  I have one of those, too.  I need to discuss that project, too.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

Thanks again to Lori for such a thoughtful gift.  You are a delight!



Just Breathe said...

Nice gift. The rubber bands do look like pasta. Those containers look wonderful. I just went through a friend of mines disk of 3200 pictures from her 3 week trip on a Disney cruise to Spain and then they did London & Paris, with 3 young children!

Ruth Ann said...

Two funny things about your post: #1 I did think that was pasta and I was wondering why you would take it out of the bag just to photograph it for this blog (when it could get dirty)! And #2 Those are the same containers we get from the gas station near our house when we buy takeout from there! I always throw them away! I guess I need to start saving them for you! They come in small and larger sizes!

denise said...

i love your randomness and that people like to send you things in the mail! what a fun care package and the rubber bands as packing material are great! i paused on your comment about being happier because you have always struck me as so happy in your posts i was taken aback but appreciated your honesty and vulnerability. i, too, struggle with this even when surrounded by so many things that SHOULD make me happy...your posts so often make me chuckle or appreciate the little things in life...i am going to get around to posting your comments on blogging on my blog and will let you know when i do...thanks for taking so much time to do that! looking forward to more rome photos!

Ann said...

Well, I guess I don't invite you out for coffee.... I agree with you about how good coffee smells though. But the take-out containers are terrific. I'm going to start looking around for them around here. Some of our restaurants are no longer using styrofoam at all, a sign of progress.