Tuesday, May 25, 2010


One of my favorite products, the Reynolds Handi-Vac, recently gave me quite a headache.

I ran out of the incredible, wonderful bags and when I went to my local grocery store to buy more, they weren't there.

I went to three other stores.


I finally asked my grocery store next door to scan the box (which I saved) to see if they could give me any information on the product line.

The official answer...It is no longer being carried in any of our stores.

OK, there had to be a reason.

I love the internet, when I actually remember to use it for something like this.

I looked up the Hand-Vac and found out that they will no longer be sold in stores.

They will only be sold through HSN and will be a part of the Debbie Meyer Green Bag line.  They will be called the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac bags.

I'm not pleased that I have to now pay shipping and handling charges, but I'm very happy that one of my favorite kitchen tools has not been discontinued.


The photo above shows the Lipton Tea Bags that one of my tenants left.   I haven't found anyone who wants them yet and I didn't want them to get stale or whatever tea does, so I sealed them up tight.

When I went up to the hospital the other day to visit someone, this momma and her babies were hanging out by the outdoor patio. They were so well behaved. I wonder if the babies will take up residence on the Mayo grounds or if they will fly away. I wonder.

I hope you have a great day!


Marg Henry said...

I discovered this a few months ago. But I didn't looke it up online. Not sure I want to pay for shipping costs either. I will pbly be buying a half cow and pig anyway, and they cryovac them themselves : )

Loria said...

what a fun gadget !!

Just Breathe said...

The duckies are so cute. I am so glad that you found them to buy.
I love searching too!

Condo Blues said...

That's what I don't like about buying gizmos that take a special doodad and only that doodad to work. If they discontinue it, you are out of luck! Good thing you can still get bags though.

Have you tried making iced tea with all of those tea bags? I bought a big box of regular tea bags when I thought I was out. I wasn't. We usually drink flavored tea but sometimes do regular. I've been making ice tea w/ 5 regular tea bags or 3 regular and 2 flavored tea bags just to go through the first box. I guess this only works if you like tea though.

Valerie said...

Evert Fresh Green Bags, the originals are packaged for Debbie Myer's to sell on HSC using her package desing AND the green bags are available online and at many leading stores now.
Google Evert Fresh Green Bags and look for me under Bright Star Promotions... we have been using and selling Green Bags for 12 years!