Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Album Covers

The other day I mentioned (in the POTD Side 2) that I took photos of the albums that I found at the Gulf Shores Condo.  Well I was telling the truth!  I really did and I'm finally at the right place and time to talk about it.  The American Idol Finale is on, so I'm thinking about music.  It's amazing how things just come together some times.

I don't think that the Idols will be singing any of this stuff.

Hall and Oats are on right now.

I always like them.

OK,  so back to the task at hand.

The only records in the house are housed in this ancient record stand.  I rather like it, but I'd love to paint the legs and put a different spin to that table top.

Ah!  Spin!  as in record!

A decoupaged top?  A cool piece of fabric under glass?  a solid color?  ahh, the ideas are flowing through my brain.

Back to the music.  Here's the album cover that started it all.  Alison asked me to get a picture of this specific cover for her husband.  It's so funny - all those guys in chef's hats and that name! 

When I was little Dr. Zhivago used to come on TV on the same night at either Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or the Sound of Music.  I remember this because I would have to watch my show on the little TV upstairs while my parents were downstairs.  I have never seen the movie actually, but after watching Must Love Dogs and seeing how it's portrayed in that movie, I really don't know if I'd appreciate the movie.  I'm not sure if I'd be a Sherry or a Sarah.

Anyway, I had to laugh when I saw the album in the stand.  I would have never thought of this particular album being a best seller.

I remember this album cover.  Not sure if I remember it from my own house and my parents collection or from my grandparents house.

I wish I had a record player.  I wanted to play this one.

I mean - what exactly is the music that is "Romance with a Spanish Accent?"  haha!

Aloha Moods.

I guess that says it all.


Tiny bubbles
In the wine
Make me feel happy
Ah, they make me feel fine
Those tiny bubbles

The Beatles, White Album.  This was unexpected, until I noticed that my uncle Alan's name was on the back.  He died in 1979 at the age of 21, so there are a few things of his that seem to stick around.  I didn't know that we had this item though, so that's cool.

Oh, I do love the movie The Sting.  I remember when everyone who owned a piano learned how to play this song, too.  Funny the things you remember when given a little visual prompt!

Love Love Love Love this movie.
I would have loved to have had this album as a kid.  I probably would have worn it out.

and, the final album that I've showcased is the Christmas album with Glen Campbell, Ella Fitzgerald and Bobbie Gentry.  The Lettermen and Sandler and Young are also on this album, but I honestly can't say I know who they are at this moment. 

There were several other albums in the rack, but I must not have been interested in them enough to photograph because I can't find the covers.  Too funny. 

Hope you have enjoyed a stroll down the vintage trail!



denise said...

what a cool post! i love the connection to the past (history and your own personal memories)...i must say i didn't know many of these but my daughter LOVES the sound of music (as do we...both my husband and i grew up with it) and will sing most of the songs often throughout the day...i must admit i had to first skim your post afraid you revealed the idol finale as i am a couple shows behind watching it recorded instead of live...had to get off fb for that reason...i love that show! really i just love music...there is something irreplaceable about record albums...wish we had a player though we don't have many records ourselves...thanks for sharing yours!

jb said...

Love this post! I have several of the same lps in my basement! If you are inclined to douse yourself in allergy meds and venture north to NH...I have many covers that you might want to snap pix of!

Shutterbug8162 said...

Great idea. We have a boat load, and I do mean a ton of records in the house. Probably 200+. Most were in my husband's family, some I've brought with me from mine, and the rest were aquired at various yard sales and flea markets last year after Hubby bought me a record player for Christmas. I just love to play them, and hear the crackles and pops and vintage sound they offer. My favorites are the Country Christmas' Vol 1 - 4, Oak Ridge Boys, Kenny Rogers, and of course the Chipmunks at Christmas time!!!!

Ann said...

Oh, I do love old album jackets. We too have a basement full of them and also several turntables, so we can enjoy them from time to time. It is said that vinyl is becoming popular (somehow again). Is somebody issuing new stuff on vinyl instead of streaming on emusic? If you like men with real manly voices, you'd love hearing Sandler and Young.

Ann in the UP

Just Breathe said...

That takes me back. We have at least 200 or more up in our attic from the 70's & 80's up until they ended.

Loria said...

oh, your blog is so fun to read .. I love this post.