Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ernie Harwell

Ernie Harwell.

His name and his voice reminds me of time spent with my Dad.

My Dad and I used to watch the baseball games on TV, but he always had the sound turned off and he had his radio turned on so we could listen to Ernie Harwell announced the Detroit Tigers Baseball games.

The three minute video below is really a nice quick synopsis about Ernie, but most importantly you get to hear that memorable voice.

I haven't watched baseball in years, but when I hear a baseball game on the radio I expect to hear Ernie's voice.  I didn't know that broadcasters were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I guess it makes sense, as Ernie was the voice of baseball.

Another voice from my past is no more.  

Thanks for the memories and thanks for making Detroit Baseball something really special.

Here's a really nice story on Ernie Harwell in the NY Times.



solo-dancer said...

ah yes, your namesake's father. From all accounts, he was a fine man. lm

Anonymous said...

I always preferred listen to baseball on the radio than watch it on TV. Ernie Harwell was a voice from my childhood too.

Just Breathe said...

That is sweet. I don't watch baseball and my husband never has expect for play off games.