Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Baby

So enough with the roosters and art sculptures, Kristin.  Show us the baby!

Alright, alright.

Here she is :) 

I've actually taken only a few photos of her.  I'm going to have to really get on the ball tomorrow and get some glamor shots of her in all of her 7 month glory, because she truly is a cutie.

She also has some of the sweetest looking elbow dimples :)  I'm a gushing Auntie, I am, I am.

Kristin, Hillary, Alison and Scarlett

We spent the afternoon in Fairhope, AL today and invited Jennifer and her daughter (oldest daughter) along as well.  I can't believe that I didn't get a photo of Jennifer and her daughter!  But I did get one with Jennifer and the baby.  She said that we just don't understand the way Southerners take to babies.  Oh, I think I figured it out real quick.  Thanks Jennifer for suggesting taking this photo!  I love it :)

I took a few photos of Jennifer and the baby, but I was concentrating so hard on getting Scarlett to look at me, that I nearly cut Jennifer out of the photo!  Ooops!!

Here we are this evening just hanging out.  Hillary is playing with Scarlett while Alison gets a few moments to catch up on the computer.  Hillary played with Scarlett so much that she (the baby) was truly exhausted when she went to bed tonight.  It was an awful lot of fun though.  She smiled and laughed and giggled.  It was great. 

Alison and Hillary are at the Music Fest tonight watching John Legend perform.  My feet were hurting me, so I decided to stay home and rest up for tomorrow.  Alison put Scarlett to bed before she left, so that was nice.  This way we weren't screwing up her sleep schedule two nights in a row.  Tomorrow however, we will all be out at the music fest for many many hours.  We've got "OK go" and "Ben Harper" to see for sure, as well as a few other artists. 

This weekend has really been a lot of fun.  I hope my Mom and the other two girls are having fun, too!

Kristin - The Goat


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of you and your sisters .. you guys are having so much fun that I smile as I read your posts.

Tricia said...

Scarlett is so pretty. What a fun time with your sisters (and adopted sisters ;).

Just Breathe said...

She is adorable. Love all the pictures. Looks like it has been a great weekend.

jennifer said...

I think I may have said "We are weird down here about babies"... and it's true :)

I like that you cut me off - being only half I look a little skinnier - HA!

Thanks for taking Oldest Daughter and I along. We enjoyed meeting your sisters and OH! How we enjoyed meeting Scarlet. She is precious and, after reading your blog, very photogenic.